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A debate is raging about big trucks. Specifically, will longer large trucks improve efficiency and reduce the number of trucks on the road, or will they cause greater wear-and-tear on the road and be so difficult to drive they cause more serious crashes?trucking

At issue is the proposed twin 33-foot trailer. It’s been a highly divisive issue in the trucking industry for years, though mostly for economic reasons. Smaller carriers say if the government opens the door to these larger vehicles, they will have no choice but to update their fleet if they want to stay competitive. Most of these smaller companies say it would be impossible to do so in a manner that would be expedient and cost effective. Larger companies, meanwhile, argue that fewer trucks on the road means heightened safety on several fronts. Drivers could carry more in one haul, so they would be less pressed traveling to-and-from destinations. The need for fewer trips would mean lesser need for more trucks, which would mean fewer trucks on the road. That helps cut down on the wear-and-tear of our aging transportation infrastructure. They argue a shift to these larger trucks would help save $2.6 billion in transportation costs. One finding released by Americans for Modern Transportation indicated national adoption of twin 33 truckers would reduce truck miles driven by 3.1 billion, resulting in 4,500 fewer truck accidents annually.

Last year, a transportation funding bill would have permitted twin 33-ft. trailers on interstate highways passed the House, but the Senate ultimately backed away from that allowance. Now, trucking companies have promised they will fight for it again this year.  Continue reading

A school teacher was killed in March when her minivan was crushed by a dump truck that struck from behind on U.S. 1 in Raleigh as she was stopped for traffic. trucksontheroad1

Now, authorities say that North Carolina truck accident may well have been precipitated by the fact that the truck itself lacked properly working brakes, among other problems. The driver has been charged with two misdemeanors – death by motor vehicle and failure to reduce speed.

Investigators say the dump truck in question was pulling a load of logs and pulling a trailer with a nearly 10,000-pound Bobcat loader.  Continue reading

In some truck accident lawsuits, it’s very clear that one specific driver was wholly to blame for the collision. However, in other cases, the issue of fault may be more nuanced. truck1

If a plaintiff is partially to blame for the accident in which he or she was injured, the question of whether compensation is still available will depend on:

  • The state where the accident occurred, as state law varies dramatically on this issue;
  • The percentage of fault assigned to the plaintiff.

For example, in North Carolina, the state follows a pure contributory negligence standard, which means if a plaintiff shares any amount of blame, damage recovery is not possible. However, South Carolina follows a model of modified comparative fault with a 51 percent bar. What that means is plaintiff can collect damages – so long as his or her negligence does not exceed that of defendant.  Continue reading

Anyone who has ever been involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer – and lives to tell about it – will point out that aside from the often arduous physical recovery, the battle of insurers can be exhausting. whitesemis1

In many cases, the tractor-trailers are owned by own firm. The cargo is owned by another company. There is sometimes a middleman who arranges these contracts. Drivers in many cases are subcontractors. All of this makes for tricky legal questions when it comes to which insurance company foots the bill when the truck driver is at-fault for the accident.

All of the companies and insurers involved are going to be looking out for their own interests first and foremost. The assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer can be critical to ensuring that the victim’s rights are not lost in all of this.  Continue reading

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