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A debate is raging about big trucks. Specifically, will longer large trucks improve efficiency and reduce the number of trucks on the road, or will they cause greater wear-and-tear on the road and be so difficult to drive they cause more serious crashes?trucking

At issue is the proposed twin 33-foot trailer. It’s been a highly divisive issue in the trucking industry for years, though mostly for economic reasons. Smaller carriers say if the government opens the door to these larger vehicles, they will have no choice but to update their fleet if they want to stay competitive. Most of these smaller companies say it would be impossible to do so in a manner that would be expedient and cost effective. Larger companies, meanwhile, argue that fewer trucks on the road means heightened safety on several fronts. Drivers could carry more in one haul, so they would be less pressed traveling to-and-from destinations. The need for fewer trips would mean lesser need for more trucks, which would mean fewer trucks on the road. That helps cut down on the wear-and-tear of our aging transportation infrastructure. They argue a shift to these larger trucks would help save $2.6 billion in transportation costs. One finding released by Americans for Modern Transportation indicated national adoption of twin 33 truckers would reduce truck miles driven by 3.1 billion, resulting in 4,500 fewer truck accidents annually.

Last year, a transportation funding bill would have permitted twin 33-ft. trailers on interstate highways passed the House, but the Senate ultimately backed away from that allowance. Now, trucking companies have promised they will fight for it again this year.  Continue reading

A truck accident on one February morning in 2015 caused serious injuries to a Virginia-based trucker, who is now suing a North Carolina truck company and its driver for negligence. truck

The West Virginia Record reports the personal injury lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, alleges the North Carolina driver was careless in the operation of his logging truck, causing several logs to eject from the trailer and spill onto the travel lanes. One of those logs was struck by the plaintiff, who says the logging trucker was speeding. He further alleges the trucking company that employed him was negligent in its failure to educate, train, audit, and supervise the driver operating its truck.

Large truck accidents are a problem everywhere in this country, and North Carolina is no exception. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report detailing crash statistics from coast-to-coast involving large trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or more. In looking at 2015 figures (the latest final numbers available), federal officials say there was a four percent uptick in large truck crashes that year as compared to 2014.

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The scene on I-77 in Chester County made it clear something awful had just happened. As news footage and photographs reveal, huge masses of mangled metal littered the highway. Smoke billowed from the tractor-trailer. Police and fire crews raced to get there as fast as they could. In the end, they couldn’t save two of those involved in the six-vehicle South Carolina highway accident. tractortrailer1

One of those who died was the driver of a tractor-trailer, while the other was an 82-year-old passenger in one of the other vehicles. Others injured included a 2-year-old, a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old. The children were each taken by helicopter to a trauma center, some with injuries that were characterized as life-threatening.

Authorities told reporters with that the driver of the tractor-trailer was responsible for a chain-reaction collision, which occurred amidst congested traffic, where vehicles were moving very slowly around 3:30 one afternoon. It appears the driver of the truck did not slow down as he approached the congestion. He slammed into the back of a vehicle, and this rear-end collision ended up causing a chain-reaction. The trucker apparently crossed into the median, striking another tractor-trailer vehicle traveling the other direction head on.  Continue reading

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