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A proposed class-action lawsuit alleges that vehicle manufacturer Tesla’s Model S and Model X are prone to unintentional, sudden acceleration. Several owners detail instances wherein their electric vehicles without warning barreled straight into a garage or wall, either as a result of human or computer error. More than two dozen cases of these unintended acceleration incidents are on file with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).drive

The lawsuit claims thousands of these vehicles have the potential to suddenly careen out-of-control.

Now, as the ABA Journal reports, the auto maker that specializes in high-end, fully-electric vehicles disputes the notion that it has a duty to consumers to design a vehicle that is fail-safe. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Central California. It cited 26 reported incidents of sudden acceleration, 22 of which resulted in a crash. One of those crashes was accompanied with photographs in which a plaintiff reportedly was parking his vehicle in the garage and the vehicle allegedly propelled suddenly into the back wall of the garage. The wall collapsed partially into his living room. No one was home at the time, so the primary damage was to property. Continue reading

General Motor Co’s colossal ignition switch recall, involving millions of vehicles with the potential for mid-operation engine shut-off, resulted in a slew of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. keyignition

Now, the first of those cases has been dismissed voluntarily by the plaintiff amid claims the claimant gave misleading testimony. However, legal analysts say it is unlikely that outcome will affect the many other pending cases waiting to go to trial.

Plaintiff agreed to voluntarily dismiss his claim with prejudice, meaning he can’t refile the claim again. It’s being looked at as a temporary setback, and there is a second bellwether trial slated to be begin in two months.

The U.S. District judge, overseeing the federal trial in Manhattan, had commended plaintiff for doing what he said was “the right and sensible thing” in choosing to close the door on his case and walk away without receiving any compensation.  Continue reading

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