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Uber has been operating in Charlotte, Asheville and several other major cities in North Carolina for several years now, asserting that their service helps lower the number of drunk drivers on the road. Some who use the service say it gives them a safe, affordable way to get home after a night of drinking. beer

However, regulators in California are now saying the company isn’t doing enough to make sure people who drive drunk aren’t on payroll. In fact, a $1.3 million fine has been proposed that would penalize the ride-share giant for not using due care in investigating or suspending drivers who are drunk. An order filed by the state public utilities commission, which regulates ridesharing services in that state, outlines how in 64 cases, drivers continued giving rides for at least an hour after a passenger reported the driver was drunk or impaired.

The state mandates all ridesharing companies adopt a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drivers who operate vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The policy has to be posted online and in their apps, giving riders a way to report a driver and/ or make complaints. The companies must have a way to quickly suspend drivers to further investigate the claims after a complaint is filed.  Continue reading

Drivers who cause harm to others by recklessly and irresponsibly getting behind the wheel intoxicated can be held liable for damages they inflict. But often, the damage they do is so extensive, the driver’s own insurance or assets will not be enough to fully compensate the victims. In these situations, injured parties can seek reprieve through dram shop laws.beerinapub

Technically, South Carolina doesn’t have an actual statute, but case law has allowed victims of drunk drivers to hold bars and other establishments liable when they negligently serve alcohol to patrons who are either underage or visibly intoxicated. In North Carolina, North Carolina General Statute section 18B-121 allows injured persons to hold vendors liable for service of alcohol if vendor serves a minor who becomes drunk and drives. Another statute, N.G.L. s.18B-305, makes it illegal to knowingly sell alcohol to an intoxicated person. This too may be grounds for legal action if that intoxicated person later gets into a car and hurts someone.

But what if the person hurt or killed is the drunk driver? Can a drunk driver or his estate sue a bar for negligent service of alcohol after that drunk driving accident? Continue reading

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