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All motorcyclists fear the possibility of dropping your bike in a low-speed maneuver or at a stop-sign. Most motorcyclists will tell you keeping the bike upright when you’re traveling above 35 mph usually isn’t a problem (unless you are struck by another vehicle). It’s those low-speed maneuvers – including those conducted to avoid collisions – that can make a motorcyclist more prone to fall.motorcycle

Now, one vehicle manufacturer has come up with a solution that may help riders avoid this outcome. The bike is able to balance on its own during low-speed crawls or when completely stopped.

It works like this: When the system is engaged, it increases the fork angle, lengthening the wheelbase and disconnects the front forks from the handlebars. The system also uses small steering inputs to keep the bike in perfect balance – all without large gyroscopes or mass-shifting devices. Continue reading

Hundreds of mourners gathered recently to honor the lives of a beloved Anderson pastor and his wife, who died 12 days apart following a motorcycle accident in Greenville during a, “Look Twice, Save a Life” motorcycle safety event last month.motorcycle5

May was motorcycle awareness month nationally, and it was off to a rocky start in the Carolinas, where numerous motorcycle crashes have been reported in both states the last several weeks. Summertime in particular is perilous for riders and operators, partially because of increased traffic congestion and also because drivers simply don’t see them.

Summer is also peak travel season for motorcyclists, and most are anxious to make the most of each mile. By far, the majority of motorcycle accidents occur in June, July and August. The top five days of the year with the highest number of motorcycle accidents nationally: All Saturdays, all in the summer. In fact, according to, there are 78 percent more motorcycle accident claims filed in July than in any other month. Continue reading

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