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Last month, a California bus crash killed 13 people, including the driver, as they returned to L.A. from a gambling trip. The bus collided with a big rig on the freeway, resulting in one of the deadliest crashes in the state’s history. Now, investigators are working to sort through the pieces as family members are still reeling. In the weeks since the crash, the L.A. Times reports some troubling information has been unearthed about the driving history of the man who was behind the wheel, as well as the safety practices of his company. (He worked as both a bus owner and an operator.)bus

Both of these elements will likely play a central role in any wrongful death lawsuits that are filed.

According to the Times, the driver had been previously named a defendant in at least two civil lawsuits alleging negligence resulting in two collisions. One of those crashes had resulted in three deaths. Furthermore, the California Highway Patrol had issued at least six “unsatisfactory” ratings to his company, along with numerous traffic violations in several counties.

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You care about your family. That’s why you make sure the auto insurance policy you choose will allow for adequate coverage of injury in the event of a serious accident.noatvs

But one provision you need to watch for is called the “step-down” provision. There are many different variations, but the intended purpose to reduce the amount of insurance coverage from the policy minimums to the state-mandated minimums. This is true no matter how severe the severity or how negligent the driver or how much insurance you purchased in the first place.

Take the recent North Dakota Supreme Court case of Nodak Mutual Ins. Co. v. Koller. This was a tragic accident that involved a young mother who was killed when her boyfriend, who also died, lost control of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was operating.  Continue reading

It’s never a bad time to brush up on your driving skills. Lucky for you, there’s a new way for you to do just that. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles just recently started passing out brand new editions of the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook. In the new booklet, motorists can get up-to-date information regarding the changes to road laws by the North Carolina General Assembly. To make it even better, the new handbook has been reformatted to its previous digest size. It has 88 pages of laws, rules, signals, signs and safe driving tips to help prevent car accidents in North Carolina.

Can you stand it!

These new handbooks are available at driver’s license offices throughout the state. Residents applying for a first-time driver’s license will be issued these booklets in their driver education course. Right now, the English version is available online. A Spanish translation will be available soon online as well.

Our Asheville car accident attorneys know we see about 215,000 traffic accidents and 1,500 traffic-related fatalities on our roadways every year. By frequently reviewing road law changes and brushing up on your driving skills, we can all do our part to help to reduce the risks of car accidents throughout the state.

Remember that when you’re given a driver’s license, you must be ready to accept responsibility of your life and the lives of other motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. on our roadways
The handbook itself is nothing new. It has been published by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for decades now. There are different chapters to focus on the different types of driver’s licenses, basic driving skills, rules of the road, passenger safety, traffic signals, traffic signs as well as information regarding tickets, license suspensions and revocations.

There were about 600,000 copies of this new handbook printed for drivers in North Carolina. Each copy was printed for less than 23 cents apiece.

Important Sections in the New Handbook:

-Limited Learner Permits
-Provisional Licenses
-Motorcycle and Bus Endorsements
-Renewal and Duplicate License Information
-Schedule of Fees
-Alcohol and the Law
-Driver License Points
-Driver License Restoration
-Driver Safety
-Protecting Yourself and Your Passengers
-Safe Driving Around Farm Equipment
-Basic Driving Skills and Rules
-Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings
-Sharing the Road
-Traffic Officers
-Transportation Alternatives
-Trucks and Other Vehicles
-Recreational Vehicles and Trailers
-How the DMV Serves You

Drivers are urged to take a peek at this new manual. You may think you know everything about driving, but the truth of the matter is that laws, regulations, road designs and traffic patterns are always changing. It’s important to stay on top of these changes to help ensure that you’re safe and that you’re helping to keep other travelers safe on our roadways during every car ride.

And, who knows, you just might learn something.
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In a single month, four models of recreational vehicles were recalled by the U.S. Department of Transportation, in an effort to reduce recreational vehicle accidents in North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the country.


Our North Carolina recreational vehicle accident attorneys know that for many people, RV’ing is simply a way of life. Recreational vehicles offer a unique way to see the country – and sometimes stay a while if you choose.

But these large vehicles have also proven treacherous. They can be difficult to control and maneuver and if they are involved in a North Carolina crash, the injuries are likely to be serious.

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