Rock Hill Hit-and-Run Car Accident Results in Death of 11-Year-Old Boy

In Chester County, South Carolina, located near Rock Hill and Spartanburg, a fifth grade student was waiting for the school bus when he was allegedly hit by a driver who then fled the scene of what eventually turned out to be a fatal car accident, according to a recent news report from the Charlotte Observer.

schoolbus1.jpgWitnesses say the 11-year-old victim was waiting for the school bus when a car hit him. Other witnesses told police the car did not stop after hitting victim, and driver proceeded to flee from the scene of this deadly South Carolina Car accident. Other witnesses apparently reported to police that alleged at-fault driver stopped immediately after the accident, staying around for a very short period of time, then quickly fled the scene.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they did what they could to stabilize the young victim before transporting him to local hospital. When it became apparent the boy’s injuries were beyond the capabilities of the local hospital, he was transported to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, the doctors at the major pediatric trauma center did all they could to save the boy, but in the end he was pronounced dead. His parents decided to allow transplant surgeons to harvest boy’s organs, so other lives could be saved following the untimely loss of victim.

There were other school students at or near the bus stop who watched their follow classmate get hit by the car. They were obviously traumatized by what must have been a horrific site and did not attend school the day following the accident. They are being connected with a grief counselor, as are other students at the school who are trying to make sense out of the untimely death of victim following the deadly car accident. Police said they were still trying to figure out who was responsible for the deadly car accident but said they were making progress. They did question someone they are calling a person of interest, but it is not known if that person of interest has been arrested. South Carolina Highway Patrol officers have offered their assistance with deadly car accident to the Chester Police Department, as it appears likely the driver is no longer in Chester County, South Carolina.

The loss of a child is probably the most traumatic experience any parent can go through. Unfortunately, insurance companies are aware of this and try to use the family’s emotionally fragile state to take advantage of surviving family members and offer to make a payment that is much less than the case is worth. In some cases, the family might be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal damages, but the insurance company makes a settlement offer to pay a few thousand dollars to cover burial expenses. While the family may be very much in need of money, they will be required to sign a general release of liability, meaning that they can never file a civil lawsuit. Always speak with an experienced Rock Hill car accident lawyer before signing any documents.

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