Driver Killed in Car Accident – Body Lands on Overhead Highway Sign

A recent fatal car accident, which occurred in the Los Angeles area, has garnered a great deal of media attention as a result of the unusual manner in which victim was killed. According to a recent report from KTLA, a 20-year-old man was involved in the fatal car crash.

car-crash-163024-m.jpgAuthorities have said the car crash victim was allegedly driving his Ford Fiesta in the right shoulder of the roadway at high speeds as he was trying to pass vehicles, when he lost control of his car. After losing control, driver allegedly ran back onto the active roadway and hit a full-sized pickup truck from behind. After the impact, authorities believe the Fiesta veered back to the right-hand shoulder and rolled over multiple times. As the vehicle was tumbling over, it was also going up an embankment at the edge of the shoulder. At this point, victim was ejected from his vehicle and thrown into the air approximately 20 feet. He then collided with a large green exit ramp sign above the highway.

Witnesses said, after victim’s body hit the overhead sign, his body fell onto the ledge below the sign that contained the sign’s lights. When first responders arrived at the scene of this fatal car accident, victim was still on the sign ledge, and a large lift was needed in order for them to reach him. First responders from the Los Angeles fire department pronounced him dead on the scene. The driver of the pickup truck and his two passengers were not reported as having sustained any injuries as a result of this fatal car accident.

Authorities said the investigation is still very much ongoing, and they are not yet sure whether he was killed upon impacting the large pickup truck, during the rollover, or when his body hit the exit sign. Authorities have stated they do not believe victim was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash. Since the actual cause of victim’s death is unknown at this time, it is unclear whether wearing a seatbelt would have prevented his death; however, as our Spartanburg car accident attorneys have seen in far too many cases, most incidents where an occupant of a vehicle is ejected involve the person not wearing a seatbelt. One highway patrol officer interviewed did say that if you are driving at that speed and not wearing a seatbelt, “There’s a good chance you’re going to get hurt, if not killed.”

Authorities are also unsure if alcohol or drugs were a factor in this unfortunate accident, but, as is common practice, a full autopsy will be performed, which will likely include toxicology, pursuant to the state medical examiner’s policies and procedures.

Witnesses said the body remained on the sign for several hours following the accident, until firefighters were able to secure it and lower it to the ground, so the medical examiner could claim his body. At the time of his death, the victim was employed at an automotive sales company in the Los Angeles area.

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