Report: Two Killed in Highway 264 Accident

According to a recent news story from WITN, a 31-year-old woman from North Carolina and a 34-year-old man were both killed in a traffic accident that occurred on Highway 264 on the eastbound exit lane. While they were traveling in their car, male victim was behind the wheel and allegedly attempted to make a wrong turn onto a four-lane highway when the accident occurred.

crash13.jpgAuthorities say he was essentially trying to make an improper U-turn on a major highway. After conducting a preliminary investigation, authorities further said the driver, who collided with victims’ car following the U-turn, was not at fault at the accident.

One witness said a lot of people stopped their vehicles following the crash and ran to the accident scene to offer assistance to the victims, but, despite their best intentions to help, nobody knew what they could do, so they called 911, so first responders who were better trained and equipped to rescue accident victims could do their jobs.

The North Carolina State Police say the couple was on their way to a local hospital to visit one victim’s mother when they took a wrong turn. To get headed back in the right direction, driver attempted to do the U-turn on the limited access highway and ended up headed in the wrong direction.

Our Asheville, North Carolina car accident lawyers urge anyone who misses his or her exit on a highway and is then traveling in the wrong direction to remain in a normal lane of travel until the next exit to turn around and head back toward their intended exit. You should never attempt to make an improper U-turn or cross the median of a divided highway, as it can, and often does, result in a serious accident.

While there are occasional breaks in the median for police and ambulances to make U-turns, these are normally restricted to emergency vehicle use only. These emergency vehicle drivers are trained in how to drive in an emergency situation, and they also have lights and sirens as part of their emergency equipment to warn other drivers to yield the right of way. Even though it takes longer to go the next exit before turning around, and this may make you late to your destination and waste gas, it is better to play it safe and make a proper turn when legally allowed.

Part of the problem and possible cause of the crash is that there were cables in the median, which may have caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle during the U-turn.

The victims were killed in the crash, but the vehicle and the victims also suffered significant damage to the point where authorities were unable to make an initial positive identification. Authorities say they relied upon facial recognition software and the state’s driver’s license photo database to make a positive identification during their investigation in this fatal North Carolina car accident.

The investigation took a considerable amount of time, and the highway was shut down for hours following the deadly car accident.

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