Two Killed in Florence, South Carolina Car Accident

According to a recent news article from WPDE, a 29-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man (husband and wife) were both killed in a fatal car accident at the “Five Points” area in Florence, South Carolina early on a Wednesday morning.

carcrash9.jpgWhile authorities do not the exact cause of the fatal car accident, which occurred just prior to 7 a.m., many witnesses say this particular intersection is well known as a “bad intersection” due to the very high volume of traffic and the many serious traffic accidents that have occurred in the same location. Authorities do know it was a two-car accident involving a small passenger vehicle and a pickup truck.

One of the problems with this particular intersection, according to those interviewed for the news article, is that drivers often run red lights, and this leads to frequent car accidents, many of which are serious or even fatal. Others said there is a problem with the traffic lights and think the city should inspect the lights and reevaluate their timing to see if it is appropriate for the current volume of traffic and road conditions.

While not all accidents at the site are as serious as this one, witnesses say minor accidents happen there nearly every day.

Some drivers in the area say you have to be extremely careful because the light will change seemingly without warning before you have a chance to come to a full stop, and cars will suddenly enter the intersection from the other direction, causing an accident. Others said they do whatever possible to avoid the intersection altogether out of fear of getting into a serious car accident.

Meanwhile, the South Carolina Department of Transportation says that approximately 20,000 cars travel through the intersection each day, and, since 2010, there have only been 11 accidents in the same intersection and 16 nearby the intersection. Further, this recent accident was the only ending in fatality. However, officials did not define “accident” as used in their report, and it is unlikely the alleged daily fender-benders are being included, even though they can also result in substantial personal injury, including head and neck injuries, as our Spartanburg car accident lawyers are aware. Authorities have said they will continue to investigate the cause of this particular accident.

One of the issues that comes up in accidents where one car runs a red light is whether the driver has a defense because he or she was traveling within the speed limit but was still unable to stop in enough time to prevent running the intersection. The law requires all drivers to travel at a speed that allows them to stop in time to avoid hitting another car, or if a light changes to red.

Even if driver is traveling slower than the posted speed limit, this does not mean it is a safe enough speed to avoid running a light. It is best practice to coast to any traffic light that has been green for an extended period of time to prevent an accident.

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