Car Crashes Into Charlotte Medical Office, 3 Injured

Some car accidents, even fatal ones, involve a single vehicle. In these cases, we see cars run off the road and crash into trees, utility poles, guardrails, and ditches, and the damage can be extensive. Other car accidents involve at least two vehicles crashing into each other, and, in some cases, many more vehicles are involved in a multi-vehicle chain reaction car crash. We also see accidents in which a car crashes into a nearby building, such as restaurant, home, or local business. Sometimes these accidents can be fatal not only to the driver of the car, but also to the people in the building.

medical-doctor-1314902-m.jpgAccording to a recent news article from The Charlotte Observer, a car allegedly crashed into a primary care practice on Albemarle Road in Charlotte. Authorities say the car smashed through the mostly-glass front of a medical primary care office and traveled about 20 feet into the clinic before coming to a complete stop. This Charlotte car accident occurred around 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

There were three victims injured in the car accident, and one of these victims was seriously injured. When first responders arrived at the accident scene, they were able to provide immediate medical attention before transporting the victims to a Charlotte hospital. The victim who was most severely injured was listed as being in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

The most severely injured victim was found pinned underneath the car at the time emergency personnel arrived at the serious car accident scene. Police are not sure of the exact reason the alleged at-fault driver crashed into the medical office, but they did say the office was in a complex of retail shops, the driver of the car was backing up at the time of the of the crash, and the car entered the store in reverse. It is possible driver was attempting to park or maneuver in the parking lot at the time of the accident. The other two victims reportedly suffered only minor injuries, and the driver of the car that crashed into the medical office was not injured in the crash, according to police.

It should be noted, driver has not been arrested or charged with any crimes in connection with this accident, and driver has not been found liable in a court of law as of time this article was first reported.

As our Charlotte car accident attorneys can explain, insurance companies who represent an at-fault driver, will usually call the victim up as soon as possible following an accident. Even if the victim is in the hospital, these insurance companies will often try to get victim to settle the case before he or she has a chance to speak an experienced car accident lawyer.

Insurance companies will prey upon a victim’s state of shock and likely his or her need for immediate money to pay for medical expenses and to compensate for time away from work, and make an offer of much less money than the case is actually worth. If you take any money, you will be required to sign a waiver of liability, so you cannot sue them later. You should always speak with an attorney before accepting any money or signing any documents.

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