Woman Blames Coffee Drinking Parrot for Car Accident

There are many different forms of in-vehicle distraction, but this may have been a first.

According to a recent news report from Journal Now, a woman is blaming her pet parrot and its coffee drinking habit for her crashing her car into a guardrail. Authorities report her pet parrot distracted 35-year-old accident victim. Her parrot was riding in victim’s car, and apparently not in a cage or any other type of animal carrier at the time of this accident.

o-que-que-h-1430846-m.jpgShe knows her parrot likes drinking coffee, and while she was traveling down the highway, she apparently saw her pet parrot pecking at the lid of her coffee cup located in one of the vehicle’s cup holders. When she looked down to keep an eye on her pet bird, she took her eyes off the road and slammed her car into a guardrail.

Following this rather bizarre single-vehicle car crash, she stated she noticed bird seed in one of her other cup holders next to the coffee cup, and also found a feather near the cup. When first responders arrived at the scene of this car accident, they found her to have suffered a broken arm and several facial lacerations.

Lacerations were caused by friction against her face when the airbag deployed following her collision with the guardrail. As our Anderson, South Carolina car crash lawyers can explain, it is quite common for an airbag to cause facial lacerations, bruises, and even bone fractures in victim’s face. A broken nose is extremely common following an airbag deployment. While an airbag injury can be quite painful, it is obviously much preferable to the alternative of hitting the steering wheel with one’s face or, in worst-case scenarios, being thrown into or through the front windshield as a result of the car accident. These types of accidents often prove fatal.

Authorities also report victim’s parrot was not injured in this car accident, and they were able to safely remove it from her vehicle following the crash. Fortunately, this accident did not result in injury to anyone else, and victim did not suffer any life-threatening injuries in the car crash.

However, if someone else had been injured, distracted driving would likely be one basis for filing a car accident injury lawsuit in civil court. Many studies in recent years have shown distracted driving is just as dangerous to other drivers on the road and pedestrians as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While pet parrots are not a common cause of distraction leading to car accidents, riding in cars with free-roaming pets such as dogs and cats has been known to result in serious accidents.

Meanwhile, some of these more common distractions include texts or otherwise using a smartphone, playing with car stereo, putting on make-up, talking on the phone, and other distracting behaviors which serve to divide drivers’ attention away from the most important thing, which is safely operating their motor vehicles.

It should also be noted, despite a trend to switch as many electronics as possible to hands-free devices, these seemingly safer devices have still been responsible for numerous distracted driving accidents. Research has found when a person is operating a text to speech device to send or receive a text message or email, they are mentally distracted, even though it may not require driver to physically interact with the device. This is because driving is considered a divided attention task, and it requires drivers to concentrate on multiple tasks at the same time.

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