Four-Car Crash on I-40 In Winston-Salem

According to a recent news article from WXII 12, one person was injured in a four-vehicle motor vehicle accident, which occurred just before 8 a.m. on Interstate 40 in Winston-Salem.

unusual-dumper-217365-m.jpgAuthorities say the accident occurred on the westbound off-ramp of Interstate 40 leading to State Highway 52 North. While authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause, when first responders arrived at the scene they found a dump truck and car that had driven up an embankment and two other vehicles on the roadway with damage from the crash.

Witnesses say the off-ramp was closed for several hours, and there were extensive delays on the highway. They saw a crash victim being loaded onto an ambulance from a stretcher, but the extent of victim’s injury are not fully known. There was at least one other victim taken to a local hospital.

Witnesses also took many photographs posted them on social media. Those images show a car that was seriously crushed by the dump truck. Local news crews interviewed dump truck driver, and he said, on camera, that he was coming around the off-ramp and saw a row of cars stopped in front of him. Due to his speed and there being “too much weight” in his dump truck, he couldn’t stop in time and hit a pickup truck. The pickup truck was pushed into the other car, which eventually ended up on the embankment. After pickup truck hit the car, the dump truck, which was still plowing through the cars, also hit the vehicle and pushed it up the embankment. Dump truck driver said there was nothing he could do. He was not injured in the accident. It should be noted, he has not been accused of any criminal activity, and there are no known civil claims for negligence against him at this time.

Our Winston-Salem car accident attorneys regularly handle causes involving commercial motor vehicles. While the standard of proving negligence in cases involving large commercial vehicles is the same as those that only involve personal vehicles, the driver may still be held to a different standard. In other words, every negligence case requires plaintiff to prove defendant failed to act as a reasonable and prudent person to prevent foreseeable injury to foreseeable persons and property. While reasonableness is an objective standard, it does depend upon what type of vehicle a defendant was driving.

Every person has a duty to drive his or her vehicle at a safe speed and leave enough distance between it and other cars, so as to allow them to stop in the event of an emergency. In a personal car, it takes a certain amount of time to stop. In a dump truck carrying an average load of 25 short tons (50,000lbs) at highway speeds, it could take well over the length of a football field to stop. A driver of this type of vehicle is supposed to act like a reasonable dump truck driver and leave enough space to stop that particular vehicle in time to prevent an accident.

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