NCDOT Preparing Trucks and Motorists for Winter Weather

All motorists should be concerned about highway safety and winter travel, especially around the holidays. While drivers and passengers in small vehicles, SUVs, and trucks must take precaution, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is taking extra effort to ensure that commercial semi-trucks and accompanying equipment are safe for use. The NCDOT performs a thorough check-up on these trucks to determine whether they are ready for the roads during winter weather. According to maintenance officials, it is important for all trucks to be in proper working condition and repaired now, before the most dangerous winter storms.


The DOT is also responsible for ensuring that roads are safe for motorists throughout the winter. The agency has expanded its ability to salt the roads before a storm and have an increased capacity for storing and carrying 15,000 gallons of the salt-water mixture used to de-ice state and interstate highways. In addition to prepping equipment and emergency responder crews, the DOT is also asking for residents to be prepared for storms. According to the agency, the majority of winter storm fatalities are caused by indirect accidents, including car collisions, fallen trees, broken power lines, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Whether you are in the mountains or near the coast, it is important to prepare for winter travel and storms in North and South Carolina. Even if the forecast only calls for a mild storm, it is important to be ready for what potential dangers could be faced on the road. In the January and February months this year, the region has experienced severe winter storms, including inches of snow and ice. While some areas only saw a few light snow flurries, other areas were much harder hit. It is difficult to know how dangerous the roads can be, so it is best to prepare for the worst.

Here are a few safety tips from the North Carolina DOT for winter safety:

If a storm is in the forecast, do what you can to stay put. If you must head out during a winter storm, make sure to carry an emergency kit. You should store essentials, including blankets, a battery radio, a first aid kit, flashlight, tire chains, extra batteries, booster cables, a tire repair kit, a map, extra cell phone, bottle of water, and food. You should always have a windshield wiper, brush and shovel to make sure you can get out of heavy snow.

When driving in snow or icy conditions, keep your speed to a minimum. Even driving at the normal speed limit could make it difficult to keep your car under control. Always leave room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you in case you begin to slide. If roads become too dangerous, pull over and wait the storm out. Driving in dangerous and stormy conditions isn’t worth putting yourself, your loved ones, and other motorists at risk. If you are involved in an accident, remember that you may have the legal right to take action. Our Charlotte truck and auto accident attorneys can protect your rights and interests if you are involved in a collision.

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