Bystanders Rush to Help After Charlotte Car Crash

At one point or another, most of us have witnessed a car accident. For many, the first instinct is to grab a cell phone and call police. However, after a recent serious car crash in Charlotte, approximately a dozen bystanders jumped into action to help victims.

car-crash-163024-m.jpgAccording to a recent news report from WSOC TV Charlotte, a car was traveling at a high rate of speed in the outer loop of I-495 when the driver swerved to avoid part of a truck tire that was in the roadway. After swerving, the driver lost control of his vehicle, and it ran into the median, ended up on the inner loop, then hit a guide wire and ricocheted back into the outer loop before flipping.

At this point, with the car upside down and two occupants trapped inside, more than a dozen witnesses ran to their aid. Despite their efforts, the bystanders were not able to free the two men from the overturned vehicle. Eventually firefighters arrived and were able to complete the rescue, so the victims could be rushed to a local hospital.

Our auto accident attorneys in Charlotte know victims in such crashes may have a case against the trucking company whose vehicle blew a tire or the government agency responsible for maintaining the highway.

With respect to any potential case against a trucking company, the first step will be to identify who was driving the truck that lost a tire. While this may at first seem impossible, there may be a lot that can be done, including looking at highway surveillance footage and checking with the Department of Transportation to find out if the driver later reported that he or she had a tire failure. Commercial drivers are required to keep detailed logs and report certain incidents. It is possible that if was an outer tire or “dually,” the truck driver didn’t know he or she lost the tire until later.

With respect to whether there were would be a case against the government agency responsible for the upkeep of the road surface, this would likely turn on the issue of notice. Typically, when drivers see a tire or other dangerous object in the road, one or more of them will call 911 and tell the dispatcher about the object in order to prevent an accident.

Whenever someone calls 911, that conversation is recorded. The dispatcher will then radio the highway patrol so that a trooper can clear the road before anyone gets hurt in a car crash caused by road debris. This “radio run” is also recorded and put in an electronic log. Both the call and the log can be obtained by any vehicle accident lawyer to see if any action was taken, and, if so, the length of the response time. It there was an unreasonable delay, or no action was taken, that might constitute negligence for which a car accident victim in Charlotte could financially recover.

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