Passengers Injured in a Car Driven by a Negligent Driver

According to a recent article in the Citizen-Times, an Asheville woman was killed in an alcohol-related car accident. It has been reported that an SUV driving in excess of the posted speed limit drove into the median and rolled over.

bar.jpgA female occupant of the car was pronounced dead on the scene, while the male occupant was taken to the hospital. His condition has not been reported. Police have not stated which occupant of the car was the driver and which person was the passenger.

Our Asheville car accident lawyers understand that it can be an uncomfortable situation when a friend or family member who is driving a vehicle injures a passenger by operating the vehicle in a negligent manner. There is a often a question of who is going to pay for medical bills and compensate the injured person for any pain and suffering, loss of wages, cost of future of future treatment, and other special damages. The entire extent of the damage caused by the accident may not become apparent much later. Injuries caused in the crash may even affect your ability to work years later.

While it may seem strange, it is often necessary to file a lawsuit against the driver of the car, even if that person is a friend. The reality is that if the driver’s insurance refused to pay your claim, you may have no choice. The insurance company will hire an attorney to represent your friend. Their attorney can work with your car accident lawyer to resolve the claim. While it may be an uncomfortable situation, it is actually a very common occurrence, and may be the only way to get compensated for your losses.

It would obviously be preferable to avoid filing a lawsuit against a friend or family member. But, unfortunately, the driver’s insurance may not be willing to pay you the money you deserve to compensate you for your losses. Often times, the insurance company will make what amounts to an embarrassingly low offer in exchange for you signing a waiver of any liability for the driver’s negligent driving. Again, this can be a very awkward situation, and you may not be sure what to do.

The first thing you need is someone who is truly on your side. The friend who was driving the car may understandably not want you to file a lawsuit against them. The friend’s insurance company will only be concerned about their bottom line by paying you the least amount possible on any claim. The best thing you can do is contact a lawyer who will truly have your interests in mind.

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