Insurance Carriers Push to Raise Rates in North Carolina

After emergency medical needs are taken care of, your first question after an accident may involve insurance coverage. Do I contact my insurance company or the company of another driver? How much will my insurance cover? Who will pay my medical bills? Insurance plays a significant role in car accident claim resolutions. Now out-of-state insurance companies are pushing for legislation to put an end to low-cost car insurance coverage. North Carolina drivers may not realize they have a bargain, but the state has the lowest car insurance rates in the region, sixth-lowest in the country. Due to potential shifts in the law, drivers and voters in the state should understand how laws and policies shape their premiums.


Big insurance companies, including State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, and Geico must tailor their insurance plans to meet the demands and competition of each region. The insurance companies are now pushing for higher insurance rates in North Carolina–but will it make coverage any better after an accident? Our Asheville car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers and victims who have suffered in a car wreck. We will take a comprehensive approach to uncover the facts about your case, identify responsible parties, and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Remember that insurance carriers are not looking to protect your rights or interests after an accident. Even when dealing with your own insurance companies, agents and claims analysts will be looking to minimize or deny your payout. In the event of an accident, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate. Do not admit guilt or make any statements to an insurance company without knowing your rights and obligations. Taking an early settlement could prevent you from filing future claims.

According to reports, big insurance companies are making false claims that the current state law does not allow for discounts for good driving records, students or military members. In fact, with the competitive market in North Carolina, drivers are able to access over 2,000 discounts. Big insurance companies are pushing for rate increases, alleging that the state requires a mandatory rate increase after an accident or ticket; however, the state driving law typically only requires a rate increase if a driver causes a major accident or is found to be over 10 miles per hour over the speeding limit or in a school zone.

Consumer advocates who are against the rate increases say that the current low-cost and competitive system in North Carolina allows drivers to avoid rate increases. The proposed legislation has been fronted by insurance companies as a “good driver discount bill” however, North Carolina consumers should be aware that the bottom-line of the legislation is to increase the limit on how much insurance carriers can charge policyholders.

North Carolina drivers pay less on average than states throughout the region, including Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Insurance carriers who are based in North Carolina do not support the bill because it seeks to overhaul the current state system. The low-cost and competitive auto insurance market provides consumer protections while an overhaul could send insurance premiums skyrocketing, even giving lower rates to bad drivers. Big insurance companies will always be seeking new ways to minimize payout, increase premiums, and protect their bottom-line.

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