The Lasting Impact of a Motor Vehicle Collision

Often, the accidents that get the most press are the ones that turn out to be deadly. A fatal car accident is devastating and leaves behind grieving loved ones who will feel the impact for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, even crashes that are not fatal can be life-changing for victims. Those who are involved in a car crash may experience lingering after-effects of the collision for months or even years, even if their physical injuries eventually heal. people-walking-in-the-streets-1427382-m.jpg

Because a motor vehicle collision can have a profound impact on your emotions, it is important to have a full understanding of how the crash will affect you before you settle your case. You should be entitled to payment of compensation not only for medical bills, lost income and physical pain but also for emotional distress. A Spartanburg, SC car accident lawyer can help you to get the money you deserve.

How a Motor Vehicle Collision Can Change Your Life

Recently, the New York Times published an article by an author who had been involved in a pedestrian collision. The author shared experiences after the collision and the lasting impact of the crash. Other Times staffers who had also been involved in motor vehicle accidents shared their own experiences as well. The goal was to paint a picture of life in the aftermath of a car accident.

The author had been struck by a delivery truck, necessitating surgery to treat a broken femur and additional medical care, including the insertion of an interior vena cava to prevent blood clots. The pedestrian crash also caused a broken pelvis and the author needed stitches for lacerations. When he was recovering, he was presented with a card from a friend who had previously been in a collision. The card warned the author that his life would not ever be quite the same as it had been before the accident.

This turned out to be true, and the author also interviewed colleagues who had been in crashes and found that they too had experienced lasting consequences from their own collisions.

The author, for example, said that when he sees a delivery truck he always remembers his incident. Both the author and a colleague described being very cautious about crossing the street after the accident, even though neither had been violating the laws or behaving carelessly at the time of their accidents. One Times staffer was still so traumatized by the aftermath of the accident that even though four years had passed she said when she crossed the street and cars seemed to get too close, she’d freeze.

These stories illustrate first-hand the impact a collision can have on the rest of your life. Drivers should do everything they can to obey the rules and avoid causing permanent injury or harm to others. When a motorist does cause injury or damages to victims, the injured parties can pursue a claim for compensation for losses.

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