How Surveillance Cameras Can Help in Accident Cases

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, the laws require the drivers responsible for serious injuries to pay for damages and losses to victims. This means that it is necessary to determine who was responsible for causing the accident and resulting harm. In many collision cases, this comes down to whose version of events is more realistic, since drivers involved in the crash can tell different stories. Witness statements and police reports can shed light on what happened, but these are sometimes unreliable. dresden-cotta-nightshot-1205858-m.jpg

Fortunately, there are now more surveillance cameras in more locations that can provide a true and accurate account of how motor vehicle accidents happen. A car accident lawyer in Spartanburg can help victims involved in collisions. In some cases it’s possible to obtain video footage from nearby cameras in order to help make the strongest possible claim.

Surveillance Cameras in Car Accident Claims

Recently, an article in the Washington Post illustrated the importance of obtaining security camera footage to reveal the truth about how an accident occurred. The accident in this case involved a sheriff’s deputy and a 25-year-old victim whose vehicle was hit and who sustained more than $1 million in damages from a broken neck.

The sheriff’s deputy indicated that the victim was the cause of the crash. The report of the accident suggested that the driver’s headlights were off at the time of the collision and that the victim was intoxicated. She was too badly hurt to test her blood-alcohol content (BAC) at the accident scene, so the accusation that she was drunk was supported by statements from other law enforcement officers about smelling alcohol as well as statements the victim allegedly made about having a sip of a friend’s drink at dinner.

Although prosecutors actually moved forward with charges against the victim, problems with the deputy’s story soon began to crop up. For example, it was not possible for the driver’s headlights to have been off because the headlights were automatic. The victim’s toxicology report also came back negative for any signs of alcohol, proving that the victim was actually sober at the time of the collision.

The conflicting stories necessitated some answers and video surveillance from a nearby airport camera provided the truth. The surveillance camera showed that the deputy had run a stop light and caused the collision. The sheriff’s office actually had the video within days of the crash but didn’t reveal the truth right away.

The video evidence can now be used by the injured victim to pursue a civil lawsuit in order to obtain compensation from the county for damages. Without the video, it would be much more difficult for the injured driver to ever conclusively prove that the deputy was to blame, especially with the inaccurate report from the accident scene.

Video cameras are found not just at airports but at stores, public locations and even private homes. Red light and stop sign cameras are also becoming ubiquitous on roadways. This footage can sometimes be obtained and used by crash victims to provide solid evidence.

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