Residents Injured in Collision with DPS Vehicle

Two people were injured and taken to a local hospital after being involved in an accident with a Cayce Department of Public Safety (DPS) vehicle. According to WISTV, the accident happened just after 8:00 p.m. when a DPS vehicle slammed into a minivan near Interstate 26. To people from the minivan were hospitalized as a result of the collision.
Currently, officials with the highway patrol are investigating. Details have no yet been released.

Our Rock Hill car accident lawyers understand that government vehicles involved in accidents are typically better protected from liability in these cases. Governmental immunity may permit government agencies or employees to escape liability for certain actions or omissions, even where a private person or entity would be held liable for damages. The federal government and most states provide limited waivers of sovereign immunity that allow them to be sued for personal injury accidents caused by a government employee, for accidents involving government-owned vehicles or for accidents caused by dangerous highway conditions.

An experienced car accident attorney may pursue damages designed to make you “whole” again, along with punitive damages, when the case involves a private individual. The government has strict policies on how to file a claim, as well as a stringent statute of limitations, so it’s vital to contact an attorney to pursue a claim as soon after your accident as feasible.

Personal injury cases involving a traffic collision allow up to two years for a claim to be filed. However, the timeline is much shorter when it’s against the government. Claimants have just six months from the date of injury to file.

Government Vehicles:

-Police Cars
-Mail Carriers
-City Buses
-DOT Vehicles
-City-Owned Vehicles
-Waste Trucks
-Construction Vehicles
-Fire Trucks
-City Maintenance Trucks
You also may be able to pursue a claim if a government official or employee was driving a personal vehicle, but you’ll have to speak with an attorney to see if that’s applicable to your case.

Your first step in protecting yourself from financial hardship is to file your claim immediately. One of the protections afforded those representing the government is a statute of limitations. Therefore, you may only have a few months to submit your claim against the state or local agency responsible for the accident.

As with most interactions with government agencies, there may often be a period of waiting, no responses, and claim denial following a car accident with a government vehicle.

Going up against an insurance company is one thing. Going up against a city, county or a state government is something completely different. Not only do they have significant resources, there are laws designed to protect them from such lawsuits.

Compensation You Deserve:

-Medical Expenses
-Property Loss
-Loss of Consortium
-Loss of Earnings
-Pain and Suffering
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