Motor Vehicle Accidents on the Rise in NC

According to a recent News Observer report, traffic fatalities are on the rise in North Carolina. Some analysts are attributing the rise to an improving economy since the number of accidents dipped after the 2008 mortgage market collapse. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report that the number of traffic accidents rose 5.5% in 2012 to 1,292. While the cause of accidents were varied, some have attributed the overall increase to more drivers on the road and an improving economy.

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The fatality rates in North Carolina are similar to a national trend which shows 6 years of reduced fatality rates with a 3.3% increase in traffic deaths. There were 33,561 traffic accident fatalities nationwide last year. Our Greensboro car accident attorneys are experienced with protecting the rights of accident victims and pursuing damages for personal injury and property damage. In addition to representing accident victims, we are abreast of current accident data in North Carolina and nationwide. Raising awareness and calling attention to safe driving in local neighborhoods, Carolina cities, or on the highways can help prevent future accidents and injury.

According to researchers, accident rates tend to rise and fall with the economy. Generally, during a time of recession, there is a decline in the number of accidents. Less drivers going to work, participating in businesses, and less funds for travel means fewer cars on the road and fewer accidents. Usually, the fewer miles drivers spend on the road for business or pleasure, the lower the exposure for accidents.

Here are other causes of motor vehicle accidents and how their numbers and fatality rates have changed over time.

Drunk driving: According to the report, there were 402 total accidents involving alcohol, this number is also up 12% from previous years. This increase could potentially be attributed to an improved economy and the risk of exposure for accidents.

Manufacturing defects: Improvements in auto technology and safety have reduced the number of traffic fatalities on the road. According to researchers, traffic fatalities have generally been falling since the 60s but these improvements can also be tied to seat belts, and other safety features installed in newer vehicles. Improvements overtime are expected to help keep accident rates on an overall decline.

Distracted driving: The use of cell-phones and Smartphone technology can also be linked to a rise in traffic accidents. According to the 2012 NHTSA, 14% of drivers will read text messages, but only 10% write texts while behind the wheel. Any distraction can increase the likelihood of an accident.

Weather patterns: As we have pointed out in previous posts, accident rates can shift depending on the season. In the winter, it is more likely that you will see weather related accidents, especially in the mountains; however, summertime can also result in an increase in construction site and distracted driving accidents.

In general, accident safety has improved over time, dropping steadily in North Carolina and nationwide. According to data, 1.2 million drivers in North Carolina lost their lives per 100 miles in 2011. This means a decrease from 1.7 drivers per 100 million miles in 2002. Analysts predict that the fatality rate will continue to decline and aren’t expected to go above pre-2008 levels. This general improvement can be attributed to advances in vehicle safety technology.
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