Work Zone Safety Critical as Winter Approaches

Roadside work and construction zones are busiest during the summer months; however, work zone safety remains a high priority and a necessity throughout the winter as well. While roadside construction slows after the summer months, drivers and workers have to remember safety precautions. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and law enforcement agencies are urging efforts nationwide, including throughout North and South Carolina, to prevent work zone injuries and fatalities.


Roadside and construction sites can be extremely hazardous for workers and motorists. Our Asheville car accident attorneys are dedicated to promoting work site safety and to raising awareness to prevent accidents. We are experienced in representing victims of motor vehicle accidents, including workers who have been injured in roadside construction collisions. Many of these jobsites will be working overtime to get construction completed before inclement weather sets in this autumn.

Though summer has come to an end, fall and winter continue to be high-risk seasons for roadside and construction workers. According to the Department of Highway and Safety, there have already been several fatalities in work zones. The agency has stressed the importance of slowing down when driving into a construction zone in the summer. Now the agency wants to remind drivers that the winter season can be just as dangerous.

Winter months bring additional driving hazards, including shorter days and reduced visibility and icy or snowy conditions. Drivers should pay additional attention to these risks when driving through a construction zone. When driving at night be sure to watch out for flashing lights that signal a construction zone. Remember to reduce speed as well as watch out for roadside crews.

As in summer, distracted driving can be a deadly hazard to construction workers. Every year, drivers miss construction signs and plow through worksites because they are using a cell phone or driving while distracted. Drivers should refrain from using a cell phone or participating in other distracting activities, including eating, applying make-up, changing the radio, or trying to discipline children. Lap dogs and other pets have also proven to be a distraction to drivers.

The agency has invested significant resources and time working to educate drivers, workers and supervisors to ensure safe work zones and to prevent highway accidents. It is important to both slow drivers as well as to create appropriate signage to warn oncoming traffic of obstructions and workers. The Department of Highway and Safety has participated with law enforcement agencies to increase flashing lights at the beginning of work zones. Police officers are also ramping up efforts to catch speeding drivers and deliver hefty fines.

As winter draws near, there may be fewer construction signs, but this doesn’t mean that drivers should not be prepared to slow or stop. Remember that even in winter months, you could be dealing with heavy traffic, road repair crews, or snow and ice removal trucks. Nationwide safety and law enforcement agencies will be continuing their efforts to ensure that motorists, passengers, and roadside crews are safe.

Negligent drivers responsible for construction site accidents could face both criminal and civil penalties. In addition to citations, fines or criminal charges, a driver could also be held civilly liable for any accident, injury or wrongful death. Victims of construction site or roadside accidents may be entitled to significant compensation.

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