Road Rage caused by Heavy Traffic and Aggressive Driving

There are many causes of road rage including traffic congestion. According to an article, road rage can be caused by traffic congestion.


Our Asheville car accident attorneys are aware that road rage has many causes and sometimes may lead to violence. Our attorneys would like to spread awareness of the causes of road rage and encourage individuals to keep their cool.

Road rage is an issue throughout the country. We have all witnessed instances of road rage: often an individual may scream at you from inside their car, flip you “the bird”, or worse.

This behavior is caused by a variety of factors and can have serious implications.

First, traffic congestion can be a stressful and anxious experience. This leads to a group of drivers who are on edge and ready to lash out at the first opportunity.

Although drivers can’t control traffic they can control their reactions to it.
According to research, traffic flow breakdown can be the result of a variety of factors.

One potential cause of traffic congestion is high traffic volume. High traffic volume is one of the most obvious causes of congestion and can mean small disturbances such as accidents and bottlenecks in traffic flow have a larger impact.

Other factors which cause traffic are bottlenecks and interruptions such as accidents and construction projects.

A second cause of road rage is aggressive driving. Behavior such as swerving between other vehicles, unsafe lane changes, tail gating, and cutting off other vehicles are all examples of aggressive driving.

Victims of aggressive driving may begin to experience their own road rage after another driving has put them in danger by unsafe driving.

Traffic accidents can cause congestion but they can also be direct causes of road rage. Often in a car accident one individual will be deemed “at fault.” However, if two individuals disagree over who was driving improperly (and therefore responsible for the accident), violence may occur.

Complete disregard for other drivers is another primary cause of road rage. If a driver ignores pedestrians and other drivers they make the roads and highways more dangerous for everyone.

Feeling as though a situation is completely out of our control – such as traffic congestion or the dangerous behavior of other drivers often results in anger. Anger will cause drivers to react to situations in extreme ways such as running cars off the road, chasing cars, and screaming at other drivers.

In order to stop road rage all drivers must show courtesy to others on the roadway. Including, pedestrians and bicyclists. To reduce anxiety you should always account for possible traffic delays and leave with plenty of time to arrive at your destination on time.

If another driver is behaving unsafely then do not take it as a personal attack and avoid confrontation. The only person’s behavior you can control is your own.

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