“Operation Safe Driver” Campaign Urges Commercial Vehicle Caution

In partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “Operation Safe Driver” is a campaign dedicated to making roads safer for drivers. Advocates are combining efforts with the FMCSA, local law enforcement agencies, and other safety advocates to promote driver safety and to prevent accidents and collisions with large buses trucks and other commercial vehicles.


Collisions with commercial vehicles can be deadly, especially at high speeds. Our Charlotte truck accident attorneys are experienced in handling complex cases involving large commercial trucking companies. We will thoroughly investigate any case, identify the cause of the accident and pursue claims against all responsible parties. Our firm is also committed to raising awareness to prevent future truck accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Operation Safe Driver plans on hosting events throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico to increase awareness and ensure commercial vehicle traffic enforcement laws. The agencies are committed to implementing driver safety education programs and to raising general awareness in the driving public. The efforts are intended to reduce the number of deaths related to large truck, bus, and passenger vehicle accidents.

The Operation Safe Driver campaign, including other partnering organizations and government bodies, will be increasing education and urging commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic law enforcement. This means that local officers may be paying closer attention to speed, seat belts and other regulatory issues, especially involving commercial vehicles. Commercial driver safety education efforts will be ramped up and drivers may be required to stop for roadside inspections.

Operation Safe Driver puts the responsibility of safety on all drivers. While commercial vehicle drivers do carry a significant amount of responsibility, other drivers should remain wary when driving near commercial vehicles. There were more than 3,800 people killed in accidents involving large trucks or buses in 2011 alone. The agency aims to raise awareness and educate drivers to reduce the number of commercial trucking accidents and fatalities.

In addition to enforcing laws and regulations for commercial drivers, the agency is also boosting traffic and safety laws for drivers with heavy truck traffic. Drivers who are in traffic with commercial vehicles should be especially wary about distracted driving, road rage and other aggressive driving habits like speeding or driving without using a signal. All drivers should remember the basics: don’t drink and drive, don’t text behind the wheel and always wear a seat belt.

Drivers are also instructed to “Avoid the NO Zone,” the blind spot that may be invisible to truck or bus drivers. Remember that there are four areas alongside and in front of trucks that cannot be seen by drivers. This could put smaller vehicles at extreme risk in the event of a collision.

Government agencies are urging education and safe driving nationwide. You can help by passing on information to your teen drivers, fellow colleagues and your community. This is an opportunity to reduce the number of fatal commercial vehicle accidents in the Carolinas and nationwide.

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