Defensive Driving is the key to Safe Driving in North Carolina

According to a Fox Carolina, news report an Asheville police officer died after his car plunged over a bridge.


Our Asheville car accident attorneys know that every road has special hazards that must be avoided to drive safely. If individuals ignore these dangers they may be liable for hurting an innocent pedestrian or driver.

Hazards on the roadway are everywhere and can include weather conditions, parked car doors opening, other vehicles merging or suddenly stopping in front of you, and children chasing a ball or running into the middle of the street.

According to the best way to drive safely is to be a defensive driver.

Aggressive driving is certainly a problem but inattentive driving is also a major source of roadway accidents. To be a defensive driver you must be attentive enough to avoid the dangers that are caused by other drivers.

In order to be an effective defensive driver you must stay focused. Driving is primarily a thinking task.

When you are behind the wheel you should check your mirrors, be aware of the cars around you, follow directions, be aware of signs and signals, observe traffic laws, maintain/control your own speed and position and be aware of general road conditions.

Distractions that may prevent you from dedicating full attention to the road create danger for all drivers on the roadway.

Examples of distractions include eating and talking on the phone. These distractions make a driver far less effective at seeing potential problems and make it difficult to react to them quickly.

Its important to remember that not only young drivers are responsible for distracted driving but even experienced drivers get sloppy from time to time. Every driver should remind themselves to concentrate on the road in order to remain safe.

Staying alert is another important part of being a defensive driver. Staying alert requires a driver not to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and to be well-rested.

You are unable to react to potential problems quickly when you are impaired or sleepy. Over the counter or prescription drugs may have a dangerous effect on a drivers ability to drive defensively and should not be ignored.

A final important way to ensure defensive driving is to be aware of the other drivers on the roadway. This means that you have to anticipate reckless behavior by nearby drivers so you are ready to react and avoid an accident.

Remember, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 90 percent of all car accidents are attributed to driver error. This means that many of these accidents can be prevented through proper safe driving techniques.

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