3 Killed in North Carolina Crash Blamed on Alcohol

According to a Fox Carolina New report, three people died in a car accident after a pickup truck driver sped away from a licensing checkpoint.
Police suspect the driver had been drinking alcohol.


The car accident attorneys of Anderson know that drunk driving is a serious problem and many individuals die every year as the result of fatal drunk driving accidents.

According to the report, a 23 year old driver was operating his pickup truck and refused to stop for a checkpoint. Officers at the scene claim that the driver veered off the road, lost control, and struck a tree. His truck immediately burst into flames.

Authorities report that the driver, a 20 year old male, and a 16 year old male were killed in the accident. Reportedly, two 17 year old females survived the wreck but are in critical condition.

According to statistics from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, over 233 billion car trips are taken each year. Out of that number, approximately 1 out of every 2,000 trips is taken by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol.

Despite these statistics about 33% of all traffic related deaths involve drunk driving.

On average, every 53 minutes, an individual is killed in a drunk driving car accident. While every 90 seconds someone is injured as the result of a drunk driving incident. The reality is that these deaths and injuries are easily preventable.

Research suggests that a shocking one-third of all drunk driving deaths, injuries, arrests and crashes come from repeat offenders.

At any point throughout the day sober drivers are sharing the road with approximately 2 million people who have been convicted of 3 or more drunk driving offenses.

It has become apparent that taking away an individual’s license isn’t enough. Research suggests that as much as 75% of individuals without a valid license will drive anyways.

One proposed solution is requiring ignition interlock devices for all past drunk driving offenders. These devices require an individual to have no alcohol in their system before they are allowed to start their car.

Some devices may require periodic breath tests throughout driving to confirm an individual does not start drinking after starting their car.

Often these devices are approximately the size of a cellphone and will not allow the vehicle to start if there is any measurable amount of alcohol in the driver’s system.

Some states have seen drunk driving fatalities drop by as much as 30 percent after enacting ignition interlock laws.

Other solutions have proven successful such as sobriety checkpoints. Checkpoints act as both a deterrent to potential drunk drivers and as a way to remove drunk drivers from the roadway.

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