Post-Accident Collision Injuries South Carolina Officer

According to a recent WISTV news story a patrol officer was struck while attending to an a previous car accident scene.

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Our Greenville car accident attorneys are committed to raising awareness about the dangers of a car accident scene.

The officer was struck while stopped to attend to an accident in which a vehicle had hit a deer. While attending to the accident scene another driver, left the roadway and struck the officer’s vehicle, injuring the officer.

According to an article on there are many things you can do to be as safe as possible in the event that you end up on the side of a road in an emergency situation.

You should be primarily concerned with reckless drivers on the road who could veer off and strike you or your car. In order to avoid this you should pull as far off the road as the situation allows. Preferably into a parking lot or some other area where other drivers will be more attentive.

If you can’t find a parking lot or get off the road completely you should be especially sure to turn on your emergency blinkers. If you are experiencing a mechanical problem, and it is safe to do so, you should also open your hood to alert other drivers that you need help.

Another strategy is to tie a cloth or flag around your radio antenna to indicate you are experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Finally you should always, place flares and/or reflective triangles behind and in front of your vehicle. You don’t want a reckless driving careening into you or your vehicle because they could not see you or failed to noticed your stopped vehicle.

You should make yourself as visible as possible by wearing bright clothing.

In addition to flares and reflective triangles you should keep other emergency equipment in your car. Always carry a flashlight with extra batteries, bottled water, some food, and jumper cables.This is particularly true during periods of inclement weather.

It is also important to have some sort of tool kit. Even if you are not comfortable fixing mechanical problems someone may stop and help who is able to make mechanical repairs with the assistance of tools.

During colder months and in snowy areas make sure you have blankets and jackets in the car to help keep warm.

You should also carry a small shovel, tire chains, and a substance such as sand or kitty litter to help gain traction on icy terrain. Finally, always carry first-aid supplies such as: anti-infection cream, tape, bandages, and gauze.

A final very important way to stay safe is to be wary of motorists who stop to assist you. Although some strangers are well-meaning, there are other strangers who may have alternative motives for stopping.

Use your judgment. If you do not feel comfortable with the stranger remain in your car with the doors locked and simply request them to call for emergency assistance if you haven’t done so already.

Being stranded roadside can be a terrifying experience. The dangers on the side of the road are real and can result in injury to you or damage to your vehicle.

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