Football Season Increases Drunk Driving Risks in Carolinas

Over a recent holiday weekend nearly 2,900 people were arrested for drunk driving in North Carolina’s “Booze It & Lose It” campaign.

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With college and NFL football seasons in full swing, many individuals may choose to host parties to watch their favorite teams play. Our Charlotte car accident attorneys want to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving and responsible party hosting.

When fans gather to watch their favorite teams play there may be alcohol available at the party and all guests should be aware of the potential dangers of drunk driving.

Hosting a party where alcohol is served to adults can be an enjoyable and tragedy free event if preventative measures are taken and guidelines are responsibly followed.

In an article on particular guidelines are recommended to ensure a safe party when alcohol is involved.

First, if you are hosting a party you should let your guests know how you feel about drinking and driving ahead of time. Your guests should all be aware that they must drink responsibly and you should remind them to have a designated driver.

You should also plan activities for any downtime so that your guests remain engaged and remove the focus from drinking alcohol.

Having a lot of high protein foods available will keep your guests from drinking on a empty stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol. Also be aware that the is no way to affect the speed with which alcohol leaves an individual’s system.

In addition to including high protein foods you should try to avoid salty foods such as pretzels and potato chips because they often cause individuals to drink more than they would otherwise.

You can also prepare “mocktails” (non-alcoholic drinks) to those who prefer not to drink alcohol and the designated drivers at the party.

If you plan to prepare an alcoholic punch, it is recommended that you use fruit juice instead of carbonated beverages for the base because carbonation may speed up the absorption of alcohol.

Finally, before the party begins you should have the number for a local taxi service on hand so that intoxicated party goers do not drive. You should also be willing to make arrangements for intoxicated individuals to spend the night if necessary.

While hosting the party you should have fun but remember that it is your event and you are responsible for the safety of your guests. A responsible host must remain sober in order to ensure their guests are not drinking too much.

You should also never serve alcohol to an underage individual and keep the alcohol in an easily observable place so underage guests cannot easily sneak away with alcoholic beverages.

If a guest is consuming too much alcohol offer to refill their drink with a non-alcoholic version and do not let guests mix their own drinks so you can keep track of how much alcohol each guest has consumed.

Hosting a party with alcohol is a big responsibility. The dangers of drunk driving are real and a host must be cognizant of possibility for tragedy if guests drive drunk.

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