Are You at Risk of a Road Rage Accident in North Carolina?

According to an Article on, aggressive driving is when you lose control of your emotions while behind the wheel. Although there may be many poor drivers on the road and daily commutes can be stressful, acknowledging poor driving and allowing your blood to boil are two completely separate things.

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Many people show signs of road rage when another personal incident in their lives is causing stress. Our Charlotte injury attorneys are devoted to spreading awareness about the dangers of road rage. Not only should every person be on the lookout for the other dangerous and angry drivers on the road – but each person should check themselves when their anger gets the best of them behind the wheel.

You should ask yourself a few questions to see if you are prone to aggressive driving: First, if someone cuts in front of your vehicle quickly on the roadway, do you begin to tailgate that driver and flash your headlights?

If you are stopped at a light and the driver behind you honks immediately when the light turns green would you slow down on purpose? Do you begin to angrily mutter under your breath when you are stuck in a traffic jam?

When a student driver is in front of your car driving slowly, do you complain about why the young drivers are not learning to drive in another part of town? If a motorist in front of you is taking longer than normal to reverse his vehicle do you honk at them?

If some of these behaviors describe your driving behavior it is possible that you are prone to aggressive driving. It is important to note that while aggressive driving may not be a criminal offense by itself, it can lead to road rage, which may include criminal offenses tied to driving.

Road rage is unreasonable reaction to a situation. A driver may attempt to injure, intimidate, or even kill another driver. However, even if you do not suffer further physical damage the stress surrounding aggressive driving can have a negative impact on your health.

There are some important ways to conquer road rage. First, you should remind yourself that the other drivers on the road are dealing with the same types of situations and you are not the only motorist facing it. You should ask yourself what the roadway would be like if every angry driver resorted to road rage.

Another good way to calm your nerves is to breathe deeply through the nose and exhale slowly. Controlled breathing can reduce anxiety and can easily be done inside the vehicle.

One way to avoid road rage all together is to make sure you are not running late and in a rush. Often the additional stress of running late may make you react explosively to situations that do not warrant such extreme reactions.

Even more simple solutions, such as using the bathroom before traveling and not driving hungry can curb the likelihood that you will experience road rage. If you are driving for long periods of time, always take a break to de-stress.

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