New Tracking Systems Improve School Bus Safety

Bad driving, inclement weather, distracted driving and other dangers on the road can create hazards for school bus passengers. In previous posts we have discussed the importance of school bus safety, especially in this new school season. In addition to practicing safe bus riding, parents may also be comforted to know that several North Carolina school districts are using additional tracking systems to monitor bus drivers in real time. The trend could be spreading throughout the region, giving parents, administrators and other authorities the ability to track drivers and driver behavior.

School bus driver safety is critical to preventing accidents. Our Raleigh bus accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness and helping victims recover compensation in the event of a bus accident. Attorneys from our firm are abreast of current developments in school bus safety and are dedicated to raising awareness. In the event of a bus accident, we protect the rights of victims and their families.


According to recent press releases, there are now 13 school districts throughout North Carolina that are using new wireless technology to convey information about school buses. The tracking systems will greatly improve student rider safety by providing real time information for parents and administrators, including location, speed, and other alerts. Officials will be able to use the tracking information to ensure that bus drivers follow the law and safety regulations, including stopping at railroad crossings.

The system will track driver activity and will send information to school officials each time a stop is made and the driver opens the doors. The officials will be able to use the tracking information to determine the location of the bus as well as the time and duration of each stop.

In addition to creating safer system for students, the tracking system has also improved driver productivity. The device may reduce costs for school districts because it can reduce fuel consumption through a dashboard tracking system that highlights potential issues. Some of the tracking systems offer the ability for students to sign in using a student ID card so that parents can confirm children arrived safety at school and what time they exited the bus after school.

Officials hope that the tracking system reduces accidents and creates a safer riding environment for students. In addition to prevention, the system also provides information that can be used in the event of an accident. Authorities can use the tracking system to determine if a driver was speeding, distracted, or failed to stop at a red light.

The school district can also use the tracking system to ensure that buses are properly maintained and running safely. The tracker reports engine updates in the event that the bus has a mechanical error. School officials will be immediately notified if a bus is running late. The solution provides parents, administrators, drivers and teachers a new peace of mind. The network technology is provided by Verizon and should improve safety for students throughout North Carolina.

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