More High School Seniors Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

For many high school seniors, this fall school season is the beginning of the end. Many already know where they will be attending college and are just riding out their last year at home and in high school. This means more freedom and for many, more partying. New reports indicate that many seniors are driving after smoking pot, not realizing the grave dangers associated with driving under the influence. This can increase the risk of accident and injury for seniors, as well as other motorists on the road.


According to recent reports, an alarming number of seniors are getting behind the wheel after smoking pot. Though many understand the risks associated with drinking and driving, pot-smoking seniors may not understand that driving under the influence of marijuana can be just as dangerous. Our Asheville car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness about driving under the influence to prevent collisions and injury. We are also committed to keeping the community high school seniors safe this fall and the remainder of the school year.

Parents, educators, and other administrators should be wary of the rising number of teens smoking pot and driving. Researchers indicate that far too many seniors are getting behind the wheel or willingly getting into vehicles as passengers with someone who has been smoking pot. It is estimated that 28 percent of high school seniors have either ridden in a car with a driver who has either smoked pot or imbibed alcohol, or has gotten behind the wheel under the influence themselves in the last two weeks.

Despite the decline in drinking and driving cases, the use of marijuana has actually increased. Researchers report that there are a higher number of students driving after smoking pot than after having 5 or more alcohol beverages. While the trend means less drinking and driving, it also suggests that teenagers do not have a clear understanding of the dangers associated with smoking pot and driving. Public health officials are concerned with the staggering rise in numbers associated with smoking pot and driving and suggest that it may only get worse.

Researchers base these conclusions on confidential questionnaires from seniors around the country. Geography did not play a role in the study and researchers found that abuse of pot was widespread, in urban and rural areas. It has been suggested that one reason marijuana is on the rise is because of more relaxed attitude among kids. While scientists know that pot can impact the ability to drive, it is more difficult to say “how much is too much.” Even though impairment can be recognized, there is no DUI equivalent test so it is difficult to say how much marijuana is in the system at any given time.

If you are the parent of a driving senior or other teen, it is important to make sure your children know the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. If you have recently been in an accident with a teen who you believe was under the influence, you should have your case and claim fully investigated by a professional. You may be entitled to significant compensation.

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