Crossing Guards: Drive Safe in School Zones

School zone safety is not only the responsibility of districts, administrators, and parents, it is also the obligation of community members to keep students safe. When driving through school zones, there are a number of dangers of which to be aware. While you should always slow in school zones and remember safe driving, consider the extra precautions you must take when dealing with school crossing guards, pedestrians, buses, and the extra commotion at the beginning and end of the school day.

School crossing guards play a pivotal role in making sure that students get to school safely. Reckless drivers may put these crossing guards at risk and cause serious injury or death to pedestrians. Our Asheville pedestrian accident attorneys are dedicated to school crossing guard safety. Considering recent police department warnings regarding pedestrian and crossing guard safety, we also want to raise awareness to prevent future accidents and injuries.


According to one South Carolina police department, distracted and aggressive drivers who fail to obey crossing guard directions or who blow through crossing guard intersections are posing a significant safety risk. In addition to facing criminal penalties these drivers can also be held civilly liable for any personal injury or property damage. All distracted and aggressive drivers should be aware that this kind of driving behavior could result in irreversible deadly accidents and collisions.

Each morning, crossing guards stand their posts to ensure that children are safe when crossing busy roadways. Crossing guards wear bright clothing, but they are still in harm’s way when exposed to traffic and weather elements. When passing through a school zone, drivers should always slow down and be wary of crossing guards that may be standing in the intersection. Crossing guards may face additional risks when drivers are distracted or aggressively trying to get through an intersection.

There are traffic laws intended to curb bad driving behaviors at intersections; however, in the event of a collision, it is often too late. In an instant, a victim could suffer a deadly accident or be permanently injured. Crossing guards may be members of a police department or volunteers or employees for an individual school district. While crossing guards are trained to avoid oncoming vehicles, they are not always able to adequately defend themselves against traffic, reckless drivers, or distracted drivers.

This back to school season, police officers will be monitoring school zones to be sure that drivers are cited for reckless driving or inappropriate vehicle maneuvers. When entering a school zone, drivers should be on their best driving behavior. In addition to obeying school zone speed limits, drivers should be aware of directions of crossing guards. Driving safe will keep both crossing guards and students safe.

In the event of a school zone traffic accident, bike accident, or pedestrian accident, you should consult with an experienced legal advocate who can review the facts of your case and protect your rights. Negligent drivers and any affiliated entities should be held accountable for crossing guard injuries, pedestrian injuries and intersection collisions.

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