Chaotic Crash Scenes and Accidental Death in North Carolina

In the chaos after an accident, it is important to be aware of secondary dangers, including oncoming vehicles. In a tragic case, police in Charlotte shot an unarmed man who was running towards police after an accident. Reports indicated that the man was simply trying to get help after crashing his vehicle. While victims certainly should not have to defend against armed officers, the case highlights the often confusing and dangerous scenarios that arise after an accident.

In another tragic case, a 25-year-old pedestrian was killed when a light pole fell on him after a traffic collision. According to witnesses, two vehicles collided at an intersection and one of the vehicles hit a pole. The victim was walking away from the accident scene when the light pole fell and struck the pedestrian. Remember that damage to infrastructure and fire hazards could pose additional risks to accident victims as well as bystanders.


Immediately after an accident, victims and bystanders should be aware of any hidden dangers at the accident scene. Leaking gas, damaged roadways or infrastructure, as well as high emotions and shock can create the potential for additional injuries and preventable death. Our Asheville car accident attorneys have a wide range of experience with cases involving minor fender benders, high speed highway accidents, as well as personal injury cases that may arise after an accident. We are dedicated to raising awareness to make sure that accident victims stay safe and that bystanders steer clear of potential dangers.

If you are driving and involved in an accident, taking appropriate steps to prevent additional injuries is critical. You should always stay at the accident scene, especially if someone has sustained injuries or lost their life. Remember that you could face criminal charges for a “hit-and-run” accident.

When involved in an accident on a highway or an unsafe area, always be careful when getting out of your vehicle. There are a number of reports of people being robbed or killed after an accident. If you believe you are in danger, stay in your vehicle and go to a police station. If your car is safe, you can remain in your vehicle with the doors locked until police arrive. Be wary of any gasoline leaks or other potential hazards. Air bags have also been known to deploy and cause injury after an accident.

You should maintain priorities at the accident scene. Check on all drivers and passengers before assessing property damage. Make sure that any injured victims have the medical treatment they need. Do not move passengers without qualified medical assistance. The exception may be in cases involving a gasoline spill or fire.

If the accident involves property damage or injuries, you should also call the police. A police report will need to be filed and you should get the name and badge number of officers who respond to the scene. You should exchange information with other drivers; however, you do not have to give any personal information such as an address or driver’s license number. Providing your name and insurance information should be sufficient.

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