Tractor-trailer Crash Kills 7 in Family, 4 Children

The feeling is familiar to anyone who has driven on a freeway–getting caught next to or behind a semi. The uneasy sensation can be even worse when there are multiple semi-trucks or big rigs on the road. While federal regulations limit truck size, implement speeding provisions, and create regulations to reduce highway accidents, reckless truck drivers continue to pose a threat to motorists. This threat turned into a tragedy this week when 7 family members were killed after their SUV was caught between 2 big rigs in traffic congestion.

The tragic highway accident made national headlines, in part because 4 of the 7 victims were children. Our Charlotte truck accident attorneys are dedicated to reducing the number of accidents on the road and raising awareness of the dangers of reckless truck drivers. With extensive experience in complex accident claims, we are prepared to pursue legal action against negligent truck drivers and their affiliated companies.


According to reports, the family was riding in a Jeep Cherokee and stopped behind a tractor-trailer when it approached slowed traffic. There was traffic congestion due to the work zone speed restrictions and delays. While stopped, the family was rear-ended by another tractor-trailer that failed to stop in time. The Jeep was pushed into the semi in front and immediately exploded.

The accident was especially horrific because the fire department could only recover two bodies from the crash site and had to take the Jeep back to the department to remove the other 5 victims. After the firefighters finished, they discovered a total of 3 adults and 4 children inside the vehicle. The survivors of these victims are entitled to bring wrongful death actions against all negligent parties, including the truck driver and company. Wrongful death benefits may include pain and suffering of victims, medical expenses, funeral costs, lost relationships, and other personal losses endured by spouses, parents, and surviving children.

Truck accidents driver at high speeds and have significantly greater mass and force than other vehicles on the road. While many cars have features to improve survival rates in the event of an accident, most cars cannot withstand truck accidents. In a rear-end collision, even an SUV stands little chance against a large truck moving at high speeds. Despite the severity of the crash, only one of the truck drivers was injured. This evidences the very serious nature of accidents involving big rigs and smaller vehicles.

The accident is still under investigation and the negligent driver could face criminal charges if he was found to be negligent. Law enforcement officials will determine whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident. Trucking companies can also be held accountable when a driver is negligent. Large trucking carriers are responsible for making sure that drivers are properly trained, follow protocol and comply with regulations, including recording their hours in driver logs. In the event of an accident, trucking companies should be investigated to determine if they are responsible and can be held liable for an accident.

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