Rural Accidents Deadlier Than City Guns or Collisions

Many people have the misconception that driving into the city is more dangerous than being in the suburbs or in rural areas. While you may worry about downtown crime or city accidents, new reports have found that you are 20 percent more likely to die in a rural car accident. The study found that car accidents are more dangerous than guns or violent crimes and that rural accidents are more likely to be deadly than those that happen in the city.


The study, recently published in The Annals of Emergency Medicine, analyzed data from every U.S. county and incorporated area — over 1.2 million deaths, cataloging the cause of the death or accident. The findings that there are more deadly accidents in the country than the city may not be surprising; however, many people don’t realize just how common and deadly car accidents can be. Our Ashville car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients and their loved ones who have been impacted by an accident.

According to the researchers, there are common misconceptions about danger and risk of accidents. Though guns can be a danger to city dwellers, car accidents are more likely. Car crashes are more common in rural areas and the study found that people are far more likely to be involved in an accident than be killed by a gunshot.

Though the study does not reveal why rural accidents are more dangerous, there are many possible reasons. It is likely that traffic deaths in rural areas are more fatal because people drive faster. High speeds and collisions with trucks or other motor vehicles can be catastrophic. Because of long distances, those in rural areas may be more likely to drink and drive. In the city, people are more likely to walk, take shorter trips, or use public transportation. Car accidents are twice as likely to cause a death in a rural area than in the city.

When comparing whether cities were more dangerous than rural areas, the researchers found that while gun violence occurred equally in both areas, car accidents were much more likely to be deadly in rural areas. Those conducting the study also found that there was a significant difference between the number of accidental deaths in rural and urban areas. As a cause of death, car accidents outweighed homicide, suicide, and other unintentional injuries.

If you live in a rural area, be wary of the potential risks when you face when you are on the road. While there may not be as much traffic, there will likely be more speeders. You may have a harder time spotting motorcyclists and you could also be sharing the road with large commercial trucks. The impact and devastating caused by high speed accidents can be deadly.

In the event of an accident it is important to consult with an experienced advocate who can help you protect your rights and collect the full compensation you deserve. After an accident you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, long term care needs, the wrongful death of a loved one, and any other personal losses you have endured.

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