Mere Seconds Can Cost Lives: Distracted Driving and Herzog’s Campaign

Distracted and drowsy driving have proven to be among the most significant hazards faced by motorists in the United States. As filmmaker, Werner Herzog, highlights in the title of his new anti-texting campaign, From One Second to the Next, losing control of a vehicle only takes seconds, and those seconds can cost lives. Texting and driving, fatigued driving, drinking and driving, and other distractions can lead to tragedy in an instant.

Despite awareness campaigns, such as the Herzog short and other attempts at curbing drowsy or distracted driving, Americans continue to face the daily threat. Our Ashville car accident attorneys are dedicated to continuing to raising awareness about the most common causes of traffic collisions.


In another recent tragedy a couple vacationing in the Outer Banks was killed when a man fell asleep at the wheel. According to reports, a young couple with four children, aged 11 to 18, was walking home from the grocery store. The couple was struck and killed by a driver who told police that he fell asleep at the wheel of his SUV.

Police reports indicated that the parents went to the store after breakfast and were supposed to return to the beach to meet their families. The police arrived several hours later to report that they had been killed on the two-lane road that runs parallel to the beach.

After the accident, the children were driven back home to plan the funeral of their parents. Together with extended family, the children will be forced to plan a future without their parents. Their mother, only 48, and their father, 50, were dedicated to their children and committed to each other. The accident has touched the lives of their closest loved ones as well as members of the community.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the dangers of drowsy or distracted driving are persistent. Losing control of a vehicle, whether because of a cell phone or if you are too tired to drive, can only take seconds.

The driver responsible for killing the Outer Banks couple is now facing reckless driving and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle charges. In addition to criminal penalties, he will likely be named in a civil wrongful death case brought by the victim’s children. Negligent drivers should be held accountable for their actions. After an accident, it is important to work with an independent advocate who can investigate any crash to determine the cause and identify those at fault.

Herzog’s film is drawing international attention and has one simple premise: “Don’t text and drive.” Through a series of shorts, the filmmaker exposes the reality of texting and driving with interviews of victims and the drivers at fault for deadly accidents. After watching the film, it is clear that everyone suffers after a deadly accident. The victims, families, and drivers at fault will all be impacted by the preventable accident.

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