Filing a Complaint with the DOT: Unsafe Truckers

You have probably seen a bumper sticker attached to a truck or delivery vehicle that invites you to report bad or negligent driving. While these reports indicate to internal departments that a driver may be violating traffic laws or behaving recklessly, there are other ways to track and report drivers with the Department of Transportation. The government agency responsible for regulating the nations highways is also charged with ensuring that trucking companies and other commercial industries follow laws and practice safe driving.

Big rigs and semi trucks are always dangerous, but with unsafe drivers behind the wheel, motorists will be put at additional risk of serious injury and accidental death. Our Asheville trucking accident attorneys are dedicated to ensuring safe roads and holding negligent truck drivers and trucking companies responsible for accidents and injuries.


If you have witnessed a driver speeding, swerving between lanes, cutting off other vehicles or generally exhibiting dangerous driving behavior, you should consider reporting the vehicle to the Department of Transportation. While they are not a law enforcement agency, they will document the behavior and keep trucking companies held to legal standards for safe driving operations.

Some truck drivers have alcohol and substance abuse problems which could increase their risk of causing an accident. When you report a driver who is swerving or exhibiting signs of alcohol or drug use, you could be preventing future collisions and injury. The Department of Transportation fields complaints and phone calls against interstate moving companies, brokers and big rig auto haulers. You can also report bus drivers, limousine drivers and motor coach drivers who work individually or for a commercial company.

If you witness a safety problem or witness hazardous packing or shipments, it is important to notify the Department of Transportation. The agency offers a toll-free hotline where you can identify safety problems either within your organization or if you are a motorist on the road. Immediately after a complaint is filed, the DOT will open an investigation.

Examples of safety violations include drivers who are being asked to drive more hours than permitted by law, companies that hire carriers who are untrained or unqualified, or drivers who have a known substance abuse problem. As a driver, you may also notice that trucks are not maintained properly and could create a hazard on the road. In addition to employees, motorists should also use the Department of Transportation to report unsafe driving of a truck, bus or commercial motor vehicle.

If you can, you should safely write down the license plate and vehicle description. If you are an employee, you should specify when you witnessed the violations and indicate who you report too. The DOT will process your complaint and if it follows reporting standards, it will be investigated. You may be asked for additional information from the agency to support the complaint. For more information, call toll free 1-888-DOT-SAFT.

Remember that reporting unsafe driving could prevent future accidents, injury and the accidental death of a driver or motorist. Taking action against commercial trucking companies is critical to ensure safe highways.

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