Drunk-Driver Blamed for Dragging Bicyclist at Myrtle Beach

The dangers of drinking and driving are well-known; however, weekly news reports indicate that law enforcement officials continue to stay busy pulling over suspected intoxicated driving, arresting drunk drivers, and investigating drinking and driving collisions. For drivers, passengers, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, the consequences of drinking and driving can be not just dangerous, but deadly.

Earlier this month, a Virginia man was arrested for driving under the influence after he hit a bicyclist on Myrtle Beach. Our Myrtle Beach drunk-driving accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims protect their rights after an accident. We are also committed to raising awareness surrounding the dangers of drunk-driving accidents to prevent future injuries and wrongful deaths.


According to reports, the driver, a 75-year-old man, was arrested after he struck a 20-year-old cyclist who was dragged more than 60 feet under his vehicle. Fortunately, the victim survived; however, she suffered from broken bones, cuts, and severe road rash. The victim was taken to the hospital immediately after an accident.

Police reports indicated that just before 5:00 p.m. an officer noticed a Jeep Cherokee stopped in the right lane. Crowds had formed around the vehicle and upon closer inspection, he saw that the victim and her bike were pinned underneath. The driver of the Jeep asserts that he stopped as soon as he realized that he struck the bicyclist, but he still dragged her under the vehicle for 67-feet according to police at the scene.

While questioning the driver, the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. The driver admitted to consuming “three beers” before the accident occurred. The officer then initiated field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests, including walking, vision and speech tests are intended to quickly assess whether a driver is impaired. Failing a sobriety test could be used as evidence in a drunk-driving case.

After the officer conducted his investigation, he determined that the driver was drunk and put him under arrest. In addition to failing field sobriety tests, he refused to take a breathalyzer test. The incident is under investigation and the driver could face drunk-driving charges as well as additional criminal penalties for the injuries caused to the victim. Civil personal injury claims can use evidence of a criminal investigation and charge to prove negligence.

Bone fractures and other severe injuries caused by an accident could result in lost mobility, long-recovery periods, and even permanent damage. For the victims of such accidents, medical costs can be astronomical. Those who suffer injuries may also be unable to work and could be entitled to lost wages. Accident victims should consult with an experienced advocate who can fully value their claim before settling with an insurance company. Victims should also recover for pain and suffering, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery and any other personal losses related to the accident.

This is another drunk-driving accident case that has resulted in serious injuries. This summer, whether out on the boat, riding bikes, on the beach, or in a vehicle, be aware of drunk-drivers on the road. Drivers should never drink and drive and remember the severe and devastating costs in the event of an accident.

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