Back to School Traffic Safety in the Carolinas

Every year, parents send their children off to their first day of school. Many children will catch buses for the first time. Though many parents and children may know the dangers of crossing the street and school buses, remembering safety can slip minds during the active, bustling weeks of fall. This beginning of the school year season, parents, teachers, and administrators should keep in mind back to school safety to keep kids safe when traveling on buses.

School bus accidents can result in severe and permanent injuries and in the worst cases, accidental death. Our Greensboro attorneys are experienced in representing the victims and families of bus accidents. Understanding the severity of school bus accidents and injuries, our firm is committed to raising community awareness concerning back to school safety for our areas children and teens.


The National Safety Council has initiated a campaign to raise safety awareness and to talk about ways to stay safe when riding busses, crossing streets, and riding bikes to school. While every parent knows the importance of making sure children arrive at school safely, details can be forgotten in the chaos of morning commutes or when a child is running late.

This fall millions of students across American will be heading back to school. Teaching children to be safe as pedestrians, bikers, and when exiting the bus is critical. There are also a number of risks associated with “back to school” that can be addressed when talking to your children. According to the National Safety Council, back to school safety incorporates not only about traffic safety, but how to behave around buses, but advice for school zone drivers, issues involving bullying, playground safety, and backpack safety.

As usual, texting and driving, as well as texting and walking, pose street hazards to children. Drivers in school zones should be especially careful and children should never assume that a driver can see them and stay clear of moving vehicles. This also means that children should never text and walk, especially when crossing the street. Children should be mindful of all traffic signals and heed lights or crossing guards.

Another hazard that parents may not consider is using an iPod or other handheld device to listen to music when watching or riding a bike. Children who are using headphones lose their sense of surrounding and hearing which could indicate a danger, such as an oncoming car or bus. Wearing headphones while riding a bike blocks the driver from a key sensory ability that could be critical the seconds before an accident.

Children who ride the bus should find a seat and sit down. Bus riders should never be wandering around, changing seats, or making excess noise that could distracted the driver. If a driver is involved in an accident, school districts may be held accountable for failure to screen or train drivers. Maintenance issues could also be at issue.

Any accident involving children is devastating for a school and community. In the event of a bus accident, children may have the right to recover compensation for their injuries. Parents of injured children should contact an experienced advocate to investigate the accident and claim.

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