New Mobile App Designed to Stop Distracted Driving

As we have discussed in previous posts, distracted driving continues to pose a threat to drivers, passengers and other motorists on the road. While legislators have sought to curb distracted driving by banning the use of cell phones, other safety advocates have used public awareness campaigns to reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving. Now technology is taking its turn to cut down on distracted driving and prevent accidents. A new app to stop distracted drivers may save lives.

According to reports, distracted driving led to 3,300 deaths in 2011. Additional research indicates that these injuries are on the rise and that the majority of distracted driving accidents are caused by the use of cell phones. Our Greesboro car accident attorneys are experienced with cases involving distracted driving and are dedicated to helping victims recover just compensation. We are also forward-thinking and embrace innovations that can prevent future drunk driving accidents.


A new mobile app has been designed to keep drivers eyes on the road and away from their phones. With current Smartphone technology, more users are able to check email, update their Facebook accounts, and surf the Internet while driving. An app that allows drivers to put their phones in “OFF Mode” reduces the temptation to check for new updates, texts, and emails while behind the wheel.

Though it may take more time to write a text or draft an email, accidents can be caused in the mere seconds it takes to check a phone for incoming calls, texts, or updates. The “OFF Mode” prevents incoming updates as well as outgoing messages. The creator of the app hopes to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents every year. The risk of distracted driving accidents is severe–there were 387,000 distracted driving-related accidents in 2011.

Most drivers are guilty of glancing at their phone once or twice while behind the wheel. Installing and using the OFF Mode application will block all calls, text messages and e-mails from appearing on the screen. The application, however, does not completely block incoming calls or messages–it simply prevents the icons and notifications from appearing on the screen.

In addition to blocking the sounds and notifications from appearing on the screen, the app will also send an automatic response to callers and texters that the receiver is unavailable or busy. The app is a convenient alternative to hiding the phone in the trunk or glove compartment to reduce the temptation of driving and calling, texting or emailing.

Despite texting bans in Florida and nationwide, distracted driving continues to pose a hazard. In the event of an accident, law enforcement officials can subpoena records to determine if a cell phone was used before or during the crash. This can create additional liability, especially if there were victims, including pedestrians, bicyclists, or other motorists involved in the accident. In the event of a collision, victims should consult with an independent advocate who can determine the cause of the accident and identify responsible parties.

The OFF Mode application is also beneficial to drivers who need to prove that they were not using a cell phone if involved in an accident.

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