NC Traffic Safety Watch: August Ranks Highest for Accident Fatalities

Summer means late-night barbecues, beach parties, and long-distance road trips. The combination of summer festivities and highway travel also means a spike in accident rates. As August approaches, motorists are reminded to be safe, as the month ranks deadliest for drivers and passengers.

There are a number of reasons why August has a higher incidence of accident fatalities. In addition to the sheer number of miles Americans spend on the road, there is also an increase of summer storms, and highway construction. As you plan for your summer road trip or find yourself sharing the road with other tourists, remember to take extra precaution to avoid accidents and injury. Our Charlotte car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping residents and visitors protect their rights after an accident.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more Americans suffer in fatal car accidents in August than in any other month. These accidents could involve a number of factors including inclement weather, drunk-driving, distracted driving, speeding and other acts of negligence. In some cases, accidents will involve vehicle defects. Immediately after an accident, victims and their loved ones should be in touch with an experienced investigator who can review the facts, visit the accident scene, consult with witnesses and help determine the cause of the accident. Any driver or associated entity may be held accountable for negligence that results in a serious or fatal accident.

The NHTSA reports that there are 1.09 fatalities for every 100 million miles traveled by American motorists. While August has the highest rate of fatalities, March has the lowest. According to the government agency, an average of 93 people will die every day in U.S. car accidents. This is an extremely high incidence of fatal accidents and a large percentage of these deaths occur during the month of August.

The agency has also analyzed other factors that may impact the likelihood of a fatal accident. More accidents are likely to occur during the evening or on weekends. When you get in the car this summer to head out to the beach or meet friends for an evening or weekend, remember that there are going to be more drivers out on the road. Camping, errands, and other summer activities can involve short or long-distance drives. Either way, your chances of being involved in an accident will be higher next month. Saturdays have the highest number of fatalities of the week. There is an average of 123 deaths related to car accidents every Saturday. Fridays rank second and Tuesdays rank last in terms of fatal accident rates.

The summer months also mean an increase in drinking and driving accidents. When you hit the road this summer, remember to be prepared and to practice defensive driving. You could encounter distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and other fatigued drivers on the road. Be especially wary in the evening and at night, when the majority of accidents will take place.

Though August poses additional risks for drivers, you can take preventative action and be wary to keep your family safe.

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