Motorcycle Accidents Victims Suffer the Costs of Recovery

For decades, public safety advocates and lawmakers have promoted the use of motorcycle helmets to prevent serious head injuries and wrongful death. While many states require the use of motorcycle helmets, some studies indicate that states that do not require helmets may have a higher number of accident injury claims. Motorcycle accident victims argue that helmet laws are not the only solution to the very serious injuries and costs for victims.

Motorcycle helmets are proven to reduce head injuries in the event of a collision. While some accidents are so severe they cannot prevent accidental death, helmets can prevent traumatic brain injury, neck injury, and other serious injuries that can cause permanent damage, including paralysis. Our Charleston motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced in handling complex claims involving motorists and motorcycle accident victims.


Motorcycle accident victims are vulnerable to other drivers on the road. While many injuries can be caused by lack of helmets, other injuries are not preventable and caused by negligent drivers, including distracted motorists who do not see riders in front of them. Helmet laws vary depending on the state. In Michigan, laws were changed requiring only riders under 21 to wear helmets. According to reports, insurance claims have gone up by 34 percent. Analysis adjusted for the style of motorcycle, age of rider and other factors, finding that the increase was higher than in comparative states.

The cost of a motorcycle injury can be astronomical. Many victims suffer from head injuries and paralysis that require long-term care. The permanent injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims are life-changing. Victims of accidents should consult with an attorney before settling claims with an insurance company. An independent advocate can determine the full value of your claim and ensure that you collect the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Though helmets may prevent some injuries and fatalities, accidents caused by negligent motorists will continue to threaten the lives of riders, regardless of whether they were wearing a helmet.

Studies indicating that helmet laws reduce injuries, based on medical insurance claims. Some states have sought to loosen mandatory helmet laws by setting minimum insurance requirements. Safety advocates argue that the insurance premiums do not cover the significant amount of financial support necessary to cover the expenses of care for a severely brain-injured motorcycle accident victim.

In addition to insurance coverage, victims of motorcycle accident injuries may also pursue claims against negligent drivers, trucking companies, and other individuals or entitles. Though insurance coverage is necessary, many safety advocates believe that helmet laws are an additional preventative measure.

Motorcycle advocates and other groups are dismissing such studies and believe that the insurance industry simply wants a solution to prevent them from having to pay more in the event of an accident. While some blame negligent bikers and others blame helmet laws, victims and their families should continue to pursue compensation from negligent drivers and insurance companies in the event of an accident or injury.

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