Teen Passenger Killed In Accident With Log Truck

According to Live 5 WCSC, a 16-year-old South Carolina teenager was recently killed in a car accident on US 521. The teen who was killed in the accident was a passenger in a car that reportedly failed to yield the right-of-way when making a left turn. The car was struck by a log truck when making its left, killing the young South Carolina man. No other injuries were reported in this accident. 759828_fire_brigade.jpg

Our Greenville South Carolina car accident lawyers know that a failure-to-yield the right of way is one of the most common causes of auto accidents. Unfortunately, these types of crashes often result in fatalities because they lead to T-bone crashes, which are among the deadliest of all traffic accidents.

Failure to Yield the Right-of-Way Leads to Fatal Crash
The recent South Carolina accident that led to the death of the young teenage passenger occurred when a car going west on US 521 did not yield the right-of-way when making a left turn. A log truck that was going east on 521 hit the car as it was in the process of making the turn.

Live 5 reports that authorities are still investigating what occurred, but that the preliminary assessment of the crash is that the failure-to-yield may have been the accident’s cause. When a driver fails to yield, this can significantly increase the chances of an accident. Other motorists, in this case the log truck, are often unable to stop if they are cut off by a car that makes an improper left turn.

Stopping when cut off would be particularly difficult for a truck because trucks have more momentum and longer stopping distance. The log truck in this case, for example, likely had no chance of coming to a stop before hitting the left-turning car that allegedly made the left without yielding.

In any situation where a car makes a turn without yielding or enters into traffic when someone else has the right-of-way, other cars may not expect to need to slam on the breaks. Since the other car usually cannot stop on time and shouldn’t be expected to since they have the right of way, blame in these types of car accidents almost always falls on the driver who didn’t wait his turn or who didn’t look to see oncoming traffic.

In this case, the teen that was killed was a passenger in the car that didn’t yield the right-of-way. As a passenger, the teen would likely be able to make a claim against the driver of the vehicle that failed to yield. In this case, since the teen is dead, the surviving family members of the young man could bring a wrongful death claim if they can prove that the accident was directly caused by the failure to yield.

Unfortunately, wrongful death claims are common in failure-to-yield cases since deaths are so likely to occur with these types of crashes. Failure to yield incidents often lead to side impact or T-bone collisions, and the side of a car provides little protection from the force of the impact. The body of the accident victim absorbs the full force of the accident and often sustains serious or potentially fatal injuries as a result.

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