NC Traffic Safety: Enrolling Students in a Safe Driving Future

Doug Darrell was a police officer for many years and he has become unfortunately familiar with teen car accidents. He knows all too much about the dangers that accompany their inexperience behind the wheel.

According to The Apex Herald, he’s been the one many times to deliver the unfortunate news of a teen death to the family of the young driver.
As his sons approached the legal driving age, the retired detective felt that his time would be well spend trying to get teens to act more responsibly behind the wheel. That’s why in 2006 he launched StreetSafe; Life Saving Driving Experience. This program is unique because it’s taught by police officers and first responders.

Our Asheville car accident lawyers understand that car accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for teenagers across the country. Local parents and guardians are urged to register their young driver into one of these programs. Registration is only $30 — and that’s a cost that could wind up saving their life. But you’re not off the hook once you register them. Parents and guardians are required to attend the first hour of the glass. Darrell says that this is one of the most important hours of the class.

“When I was doing research I found in every single study that parents are the number one significant influence on the way their children drive,” Darrell said.

StreetSafe is a hands-on driving program designed and developed to change the driving behaviors that cause moving violations, crashes, DWI’s, injuries and death.

Parents and guardians who have had teens complete the course report that they’re not the only ones that are surprised by what they’ve learned. Throughout the course, teen drivers are put through a number of driving course maneuvers to show them just how easily accidents can happen. The problem is that many of these young drivers think they’re invincible out there.

As it stands, the state of North Carolina is ranked as one of the worst states in the country for fatal teen accidents. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports that only the state of Texas saw more teen fatalities than North Carolina in 2011.

Each year, the country sees roughly 6,000 teens killed in car accidents. We can help to cut down on this number by providing our young drivers with more supervised driving time and with a more thorough driving education.

You’re not in the clear after this course though. Parents and guardians are asked to spend plenty of time in the vehicle with their young driver behind the wheel. Supervised driving time is one of the most effective ways to make sure that you teens is practicing safe driving habits out there. The habits they learn during their first few years of driving is the best way to ensure that these are the habits they’ll practice for a lifetime. Equip them with the tools that they need to help ensure a safe driving career.

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