Massive Pileup Shows Dangers of Driving In Bad Weather

Our Greensboro injury attorneys know that bad weather can increase the risks of accidents happening as drivers experience slippery roads and low visibility. Bad weather can also cause more problems than just increasing the chances of a crash occurring — in fact, multi-car pileups usually occur in low-visibility conditions. 1415946_foggy_day.jpg

One recent day of fog illustrated just how dangerous driving in bad weather can be. According to NBC News, fog led to a massive multi-car pileup near the Virginia and North Carolina state lines. The crashes, which started at around one in the afternoon, resulted in three deaths and more than 20 injuries.

Fog Leads to Multiple Wrecks
As NBC reported, a heavy fog set over the Fancy Gap Mountain area near the border between Virginia and North Carolina. As early as 5:47 in the morning, motorists were warned of this cloud of fog and cautioned to slow down.

Unfortunately, at around 1:00 p.m., crashes started to occur in this foggy area. As in many situations where there is heavy fog, one accident can quickly turn into multiple accidents as other drivers may come upon the impaired cars and may not see them as a result of the fog. The drivers who approach the impaired cars that they cannot see can also become involved in crashes themselves.

This type of chain reaction occurred on a massive scale due to the Fancy Gap Mountain fog and 95 cars ended up involved in more than 17 separate accidents along a one mile span of highway. As a result of the massive accident, an estimated 25 people suffered injury and three people were killed. The roads were also closed until around 7:00 p.m.

Staying Safe in Fog
As this tragic accident shows, driving in foggy weather or in other bad situations is very risky. While you cannot always avoid going out when the weather is less-than-perfect, you should be prepared for the adverse weather conditions that you may face. Some tips to drive more safely in fog include:

  • Listening for traffic that cannot easily be seen by keeping the window open and the music down.
  • Driving with the low beams on (never the high beams since they can reflect fog back at you).
  • Using your defrosters and wipers to try to improve visibility
  • Refraining from passing
  • Using painted road markings or the right edge of the road as a guide
  • Never stopping on traveled roads (move your car out of the way if it stalls and take your foot off the brake pedal since people tend to follow tail lights)
  • Leaving a safe following distance between your car and the car in front of you and adjusting your speed downward to accommodate for the low visibility and dangerous weather conditions.

By following these tips, hopefully you’ll be a little safer if you need to drive in fog. Remember, bad weather is dangerous enough and you need to be sure to make smart driving choices so you don’t exacerbate the risks.

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