Drunk Drivers Killing Hundreds in South Carolina

“South Carolina has dropped from number one to number seven in terms of DUI related impaired drivers,” said Leroy Smith, director of the South Carolina Dept. of Public Safety.
And that’s good news, according to Mainlands Connect. But the fight is far from over. According to the the most recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there close to 400 people killed in alcohol-related car accidents in the state of South Carolina in 2011. These kinds of accidents accounted for close to half of all traffic accident fatalities throughout the year.

Our Rock Hill drunk driving accident lawyers understand that there were close to 10,000 people killed nationwide because of alcohol-related car accidents. Throughout the year, an average of one alcohol-impaired-driving fatality occurred every 53 minutes. A lot of these accidents happened at night, too. As a matter of fact, the rate of alcohol impairment among drivers was close to 5 times higher at night than during the day. In 2011, 15 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during the week were under the influence of alcohol, compared to more than 30 percent on that happened on the weekends.

It was our younger drivers who were guiltiest. Drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 had the highest percentage of drivers with a BAC of .08 or higher. The proportion of drivers involved in fatal crashes with BAC levels of .08 or higher was close to 25 percent among males and nearly 15 percent among females.

Not only is there no reason to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, but it’s just selfish to risk the lives of others in the process. That’s why officials are cracking down hard on this poor behavior. You don’t want to get busted.

A DUI conviction can be costly. The fine for a DUI can range from $400 to $6,300; your license will be suspended for six months; and your insurance rates will increase. So, aside from your fine, you’ll also have to pay a license reinstatement fee and higher insurance rates.

There’s no reason for you to put yourself in any of these predicaments. All you have to do is stay sober behind the wheel.

But what if you consume alcohol and have to get home? That’s where responsibility and safety kick in. There are a number of ways that you can get home safely. Call a cab or a taxi, call a friend or family member or even turn to public transportation. Whichever you decide, just make sure that the driver’s seat isn’t one of them. With thousands dying on our roadways every year because of irresponsible behavior, there’s no reason to add to the risk. Your best bet is to designate a sober driver before you ever go out. Sober is safety and it’ll get you home.

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