South Carolina Law Enforcement Investigating Multi-Car Pileup

On February 28, 2013, reported on a car accident that occurred near Loris in South Carolina. The accident had occurred on the prior Thursday morning and had resulted in one person being airlifted for emergency treatment. Four other drivers involved also received medical attention at local area hospitals for injuries resulting from the accident. 1209407_stop.jpg

Our South Carolina auto accident attorneys know that multi-vehicle pileups often cause very serious injury to those involved and that they also raise many legal complications. Those involved in multi-vehicle wrecks should seek advice in resolving the complex legal issues created when multiple cars are all involved in an accident.

The South Carolina Multi-Vehicle Accident
The South Carolina multi-car wreck reported on in late February occurred at just after 8:00 A.M. on Thursday. The scene of the accident was Mt. Zion Road and Higgins Road. The crash occurred when a driver of a pick-up truck disregarded a stop sign and T-boned another truck. According to the WBTW report, charges are expected to be filed when the South Carolina Highway Patrol completes their investigation.

The charges will be filed against the man who ultimately was responsible for causing the accident. When a multi-vehicle mile-up occurs, there is typically one catalyst that causes an original crash. As a result of the initial accident, other cars are unable to get out of the way in time and they also fall victim to a wreck. The other cars in a multi-vehicle accident may strike the vehicles that are stopped or impaired from the original wreck, or they may become involved in other wrecks as they try to avoid hitting those vehicles. For example, a driver swerving to avoid a stopped car after a car accident could cause a crash with cars on either side of him.

When Do Multi-Vehicle Wrecks Happen?
Multi-vehicle wrecks can happen any time there is one accident and other drivers are impacted by that wreck and get into a crash themselves. However, there are certain situations under which multi-vehicle wrecks are more likely to occur than others. These include:

  • When cars are in tight quarters. With nowhere to go, a car cannot avoid being impacted by an initial wreck. This is especially an issue on highways.
  • When cars are moving at a high speed. A fast speed increases momentum and results in a longer stopping time, thus it is more likely that a speeding car will not be able to stop in order to avoid becoming part of a multi-vehicle pileup.
  • When the weather is bad and there is low visibility. This can make it hard for drivers to see that there is a wreck that they need to slow down for or get out of the way from.

Unfortunately, regardless of the underlying reason why the wreck occurred, there remains the problem of trying to sort out the legalities. With multiple people involved in the wreck, it is essential to trace back the original cause of the accident and to determine who in the crash was negligent in some way that can make them responsible for covering your costs.

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