New Smartphone App Aims to Cut Down on Drunk Driving Accidents

In today’s day and age, pretty much everyone knows that drunk driving is illegal and extremely dangerous. Yet, every year, thousands of people still make the choice to get behind the wheel and drive drunk. Some of those who drink and drive may make the conscious decision that they don’t care about the laws and that they are going to take the risk. Others, however, may get behind the wheel and drive drunk simply because they do not realize how intoxicated they are. 1381077_yconco_glossy.jpg

Our Charlotte accident attorneys know that drunk drivers not only endanger their own lives but also put other innocent passengers, bystanders and drivers in danger as well. As such, it is very important to do everything possible to cut down on the number of drunk drivers on the road. One way to do this is to make sure that people are actually aware of whether they are over the limit before they drive so they can make the informed choice to call a cab or get a ride.

There’s an App to Prevent Drunk Driving
In an effort to give people the tools to judge whether they are too drunk to drive, a California start-up has produced a smartphone blood alcohol content tester.

According to MSN Autos, the smartphone BAC meter, dubbed the Breathometer, will work when you plug in a small device to the headphone jack of the phone. The device will allow you to blow in so your breath can be tested. You’ll then download an application that will take the reading of your BAC and alert you if you are over the limit.

The Breathometer will work with both Android devices and Apple smartphone devices. Its technology capitalizes on the ubiquity of smartphones and the fact that almost everyone has some kind of smartphone with them so much of the time. By creating a breath test that works on the smartphone, it thus becomes possible for drinkers to also have a BAC test with them at all times. Party-goers can easily check if they are too drunk to drive and hopefully make the smart decision to call a cab.

Calling a cab is even made easier with the Breathometer, since the app also provides you with information on local taxi cab and transportation companies.

Can You Buy the App?
While the app has been developed and the smart-phone BAC test technology is just waiting approval, the product is not yet ready for widespread sale. There is an Indiegogo crowdsource funding campaign underway in order to attempt to raise money to actually produce the Breathometer.

Those who donate $20 will receive a Breathometer device while individuals with a larger $500 donation will get the current Breathometer and will also become eligible for lifetime upgrades to new products.

In the meantime, if you want to be sure you have a tool to monitor your BAC and test your ability to drive sober, there are plenty of small devices that can currently be used to test your alcohol levels. One such device, according to MSN Autos, is a BAC test that fits on your keychain and that costs just $30.

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