North Carolina Toll-Plaza Accidents a Risk Even with EZPass

Drivers with either the NC Quick Pass or the E-ZPass are allowed to now travel through designated lanes in all E-ZPass states and everywhere in North Carolina just with their prepaid electronic toll collection account. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), these drivers can now travel through the 15 E-ZPass states with ease.
“NC Quick Pass customers who have hard cases can now travel from North Carolina to Maine, or west to Illinois, utilizing the convenience of all-electronic tolling,” said David Joyner, NC Turnpike Authority Executive Director.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys know toll plazas are some of the most dangerous areas on our Interstates. Drivers are asked to be on their best behavior when traveling through these areas as accidents are likely when not paying attention and when not prepared.

Drivers are asked to observe and abide by the posted speed limits in these areas as they’re oftentimes slower than normal. You’re also urged to be on the lookout for other motorists who are approaching the same toll booth. Vehicles are likely to weave in and out of lanes in these areas to make sure they’re in their proper lane. It’s also important to be on the lookout after you’ve passed through a toll as traffic will be merging into fewer lanes.

Toll Plaza Safety Tips:

-Get into your proper toll lane as soon as possible. Never wait until the last minute.

-Never get out of your vehicle at a toll facility.

-Never backup in a toll plaza. Not only is this illegal, but it’s very dangerous as well.

-Make sure you have your transponder out or you money ready before entering a toll plaza. Know the toll rates.

-Come to a complete stop once at toll booth (E-ZPass patrons pass through at 5 mph or less).

-Be sure that your transaction is clear with the toll booth collector before pulling away from the booth.

-Be aware of workers who may be navigating through the toll plaza.

-Vehicles with wide and over-sized loads are urged to use the right lane if possible. This is the same for RV’s, campers, trucks and other large vehicles.

-If you don’t have an E-ZPass or a NC Quick Pass, make sure you’re in a money-collection lane.

Toll plazas are designed to help to generate funds to pay for safe roads and for the construction of new safety features. Do your best to help to preserve this safety by traveling through these areas with cautious and alertness. This is not a time for distractions either. Make sure your full attention in on the road and the traffic around you! Everyone’s just trying to get through — let’s all work to get through safely!

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