Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Young School Bus Rider Injured

There’s a driver on the loose and they’re wanted for a hit-and-run accident that left a young bus rider seriously injured in Winston-Salem.

According to NEWS2, the accident happened in the early morning hours as the second grade student was attempting to get on her bus at North Cherry Street en route to Gibson Elementary School. The driver of the vehicle in question didn’t stop after striking the young rider.
“What type of individual really he thinks he is, to hit someone, knowingly that he hit a young child and leave the scene and disregard any damage he could have done to that person and go on like nothing ever happened?” said the father of the injured child.

Our Winston-Salem injury attorneys understand how dangerous it can be for our young bus riders to venture to and from their bus stops. Unfortunately, there are motorists around here that have little to no concern for these young pedestrians’ safety. That’s why we’re reaching out to all drivers and are asking for their safest and utmost alert driving habits near our area’s bus stops.

According to the accident reports, the school bus was stopped and had both its stop arm extended and its stop lights flashing when the accident happened. The young girl’s face and neck were injured in the accident. The Winston-Salem Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit is currently investigating the incident.

According to The National Coalition for School Bus Safety, there are more than 20 million children who ride the school bus each and every day. These buses aren’t only used to get to and from school, but children also rely on them to transport them to and from camp, church, sporting events and other young events.

The School Bus Information Clearinghouse reports that there were 5 children who were killed while riding a school bus in 2010. Another 26 children were killed getting on or off a school bus or while waiting at a school bus stop. One of the top culprits of these kinds of accidents is when a motorist illegally passes a school bus.

We’re here with some safety tips for you to share with your child to help ensure a safe journey to and from the bus stop:

-Walk young children to the bus stop. Make sure that older children walk in a group.

-Walk on a sidewalk when one is available. When there is no sidewalk, do not walk in the street and walk facing oncoming traffic. Walk single file with other riders.

-Be sure to look left, right and left again before crossing the street.

-Don’t horseplay at the bus stop.

-Wait at least 5 giant steps (or 10 feet) away from the road at your bus stop.

-Never stop to pick something up you’ve dropped by the bus. Always alert the driver and have them help you.

-Do not approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop along with the traffic around it.

-Talk with children often about these rules.

If your child has been injured at a bus stop, contact Lee Law Offices, P.A. today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your case. Call 800-887-1965.

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